Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Chloe thinks about poison rings and why Grammas have big boobies

So Sunday was hubby's milestone 50th Birthday and we really had a nice fun day spending it with Heather.  She is quite the busy Momma since Kolbe was born and to see her relax and laugh so much was heartwarming in itself.
That eve we met the kiddos for dinner. Lexie wasn't feeling well but Chloe was in her usual full of energy little ball of fire self.  She reminds me so much of her daddy Kev when he was her age.  Kevin at this age was quite fond of using the phrase "That's how REAL people do it."  He had this little tape recorder with a microphone that he loved to carry around and talk in and would say...."Get the lady on there now"...the lady was me but he never understood how she was in the machine and I was right in front of him so he knew it had to be someone else. I was constantly telling him things like "Hunny get the mike away from your mouth a bit so we can understand you better." (His recordings always seemed to have a lot of nasal heavy breathing in them because he was practically eating the microphone) LOL! But he would constantly of course tell me "Well that's how real people do it!"
Chloe is in this phase now where practically everything she says to me she adds "Right?" on the end of it.
Like she'll say "This Otter Pop is the BEST flavor ever!... Right?"
So Sunday dinner Chloe spots a ring I have on and I always let her wear my jewelry....she tells me she would like to try this one on and don't worry she will give it back to me and she knows Gamma always let's her play with my costume jewelry and pretty much take home whatever she wants to without her having to promise to "give it back someday" but she always adds that little tidbit when she wants to try something old of mine out :=)...
She asks me why it opens up and I tell her that it used to hold a little pot of perfume and that some people call them poison rings as well because they liked to hide things in them.  She wears it for about 2 seconds and then asks me if she can put some sugar inside of it.  I figure why not? and get her a bag of Splenda and she is one happy camper playing with that old ring.
Meanwhile Kevin is joking saying that he hopes hubby and I don't get pulled over and taken to jail for some sort of suspicious powder I have in my ring :=)....Chloe at this point is opening it up and placing one tiny fingertip inside and then she touches her chicken strips and says "Gamma..These are the best chicken strips EVER..Right?!"
She then proceeds to school me on the fact that everything would be better if people would put sugar instead of poison on it.
Nice one Chloe girl! LOL!
and note to self....*get the sticky ring I tossed into my purse that eve because it was too sticky to put back on* ....out of purse and washed and put away for another day hee-hee.
Then she wants to go home with old gamma and birthday boy grandpa....and spend the night. 
All good to go.
We wake up bright and early the next morning....and Gamma doesn't sleep in on her day off whenever Chloe is around....the sun is shining and there is too much fun stuff to do Right?
My little helper did a great job of helping me tidy up the living room and then we got in the hot tub and played mermaids for a bit cuz Gamma was a bit worn out at this point. Yep....definitely  Needed that dip in the hot tub for bit of a perk me up :=)
So Chloe is drying off in the bathroom and I go into the bedroom to change out of the swimsuit.....
suddenly Chloe pops in and says she wants to change with me.
All of a sudden her eyes get HUGE....and she exclaims "GAMMA YOU HAVE HUGE BOOBIES!!!!"
(and I have this strange flash back from Little red riding Hood "My grandma what big teeth you have"....and about die laughing)
At this point...I am cracking up covering up and giggling all at the same time...(knowing that my C cups must look like humongous watermelons to this less than 3 ft tall munchkin)
Then she says...." I know why Gammas have big boobies....it's because you hug people all of the time and that makes them grow bigger... right?"
So of course Gamma flashes her a huge grin and I tell her "You got that right Baby Girl...now get over here and give Gamma another hug!!!"
I'm telling ya.....
I think I have been considering this theory for awhile....
but I almost think that tiny brains hold larger wisdom than some of the oldest biggest brains out there.....
and that's my theory and I'm sticking to it 
cuz that's how real people do it Right?
Hope ya'll are having a great week so far!

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