Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#Zibbet gets even more slim shady sideways as the days go by (some are saying)

Here's a thought that several out here are thinking....
Isn't it rather STRANGE that after the Zibbet "RELAUNCH/rebuild" and yes what most at this point are referring to as a DEBUILD-----
why would the CEO's have stopped accepting  PAYPAL payments from their members still there and have  changed it to "credit card" payments only?
Many are wondering did they know in advance that the Pay Pal link was not working correctly?
If so they certainly had no consideration for the sellers there who have actually sold some things post Re-launch and are having problems working with trying to find out where said sales actually came from and in dealing with the fact that they have absolutely no Pay Pal seller protection whatsoever when they themselves have to manually enter the shipping information.
What a nightmare they must be dealing with over there (the ones who have actually sold a few things)
and who even knows at this point if the sellers left have so little faith in the supposed "Beta Testers" saying they tested things---who knows if what is currently happening with some recently selling a few things on the still currently for many "wonky loading venue"---is that they might have encouraged people they know to try and "buy" things in the new check-out system over there and see what is really going on at this point.
But never ceases to amaze some that the latest "diversion tactic" is the new guessing game that went out in the recent Zibbet newsletter and if indeed what some outsiders guessed without any added letters (by the way) to be the answer as
Okay if that is what the folks @Zibbet are saying they are sooooooooo excited about
who in the world would fork over any more money to these guys to host "stand alone" websites.....
when the sellers there got so few views in a land where it was supposedly a "community"......
Not sure how much more
Stand alone-ish'
anyone could find themselves on the web if paying these guys to do it for them.
Well..now that I think about what I have just said.......
I guess I would rephrase that and say
that if your goal is to really
etc. etc....
my guess would be that forking your money over to the Z boyzz in order to accomplish that.
they might be quite excited indeed to announce this new "venture" of theirs.
Not at all sayin' that is what they plan on doing.....
but if that is what the game answer is.........\
warning bell ringing...........
run sellers run
as fast as you can to other sites where you do not stand alone.

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  1. I did run!! LOL! And even though my stand-alone site is a lot of work ( and yeah, no sales yet) I am very happy. And what is really cool - my product search works and my PayPal is intact. And I'm a computer DUMMY!! Go figure.....
    The hardest part is I conditioned my buyers to #Zibbet so much, now I have to re-train them. And I can't even log in to my old shop to share the new link :(