Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are all of the #Zibbet handmaidens and CEO's liars or simply making a "faith" confession?

Well I have made a few posts here on the blog with my own thoughts about how I simply could not believe how so many of the hidey holers and the remaining Zibbet handmaidens continue to be making statements that upon further inspection often do indeed seem to turn out to appear as nothing but out and out lies. One might ask "How could these people be so dad gum delusional and make such false statements over and over?"'s the deal that finally makes a bit of sense about this whole seemingly at first glance wonky situation....a very wise friend of mine recently shed some light onto the fact that many of their religious beliefs have to do with this kind of stuff....the old...

  "speak that which is not as though it were."

"they are just making a faith confession that they believe God will make come true for them"
and here is a bit of an explanation of why so many there would continue to say things that don't seem quite real when you get to checking the facts....

This reminds me a lot of once viewing "The Secret"

yep I guess a lot can be said about the power of positive thinking....but I don't recall where much was talked about on either of those theories about what happens when you try to attack and bully anyone who questions the fact that you might be possibly telling a lie :=) is definitely still a secret as to why the Zibbet debuild has hidden so many things at the same time it was supposed to get better.
Four years later at this point no matter how much
  "speak that which is not as though it were."
looks like it will ever make it what it isn't
hint hint
Just sayin'
not much of a secret about that eh?

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