Monday, August 4, 2014

#Zibbet many are jumping ship...too many moles in the hidey holes and not many out there even care anymore

Was thinking a bit tonight about the so called "Zibbet difference" and what it might still mean to me.
Many people I know are simply walking away and yet made sure to log their experiences and I am glad that there are now so many supportive members who never even talked to one another when they were on Zibbet who suddenly found one another after their bad experiences there..thank goodness for social media is all I can say about that hee-hee.
I remember defending a chunk of ya'll in that hidey hole group.
(Even after I made the decision to turn my back on Zibbet)
I honestly thought that some of you were worth defending.
YES I am saying ya'll because I have proof how ya'll do your "monitoring" on my blog LOL!
But after seeing some of the screen shots of the way you talked about me behind my back
and people that I have a lot of respect and admiration for....
ya'll talk about integrity and throw around the respect card
and act like any one who does not believe what you believe should therefore somehow
be disbelieved.
And the last time I looked....
life just does not work that way.
I just hope that some in your little clan will one day stop and reconsider how much you are
hurting people who never did anything at all to you personally.
All they did was say they had questions about Zibbet.
They might have then questioned the dubious acts of Pastor Andy and Jonathan.
And yes I have seen the many many screen shots where some of ya'll are simply abhorred that anyone would dare to question anything that Andy or Jono has done.
And that is where the line seems to get very very fuzzy.
Some of ya'll are so dad gum welcoming and friendly and all huggy kind of types.
But the minute anyone says something considered bad about Andy or Jono
OMG head for the hills.....
the sky is surely falling because suddenly you have now stepped into the realm
of #Bad human.
You'll be compared to a mass murderer,
Some will say that you have some sort of hidden agenda,
They will make up any lies that they can about you.
And if you stick around long enough you will see the screen shots
of the smack that some you once considered "friends" at Zibbet are now spreading about you.
At the end of the day
Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you're two steps ahead!
and we all know that anyone selling on another venue on line is surely two steps ahead of Zibbet where people have a hard enough time peddling their wares among themselves in their closed Community :=)
By the way howz that rebuild working for you on Aug 3rd?
Not at all according to the reports we have seen
Wouldn't it be nice if those hackers would get to hustling and get this job done?
Yah right.
Ship it now?
We're kind of thinking
you have to sell it before you can ship it
and guess what else?
the site actually has to load efficiently for any prospective buyers who just might somehow magically stumble across the site not well enough known as "Zibbet"
Come on Hackers and Hustlers
get some more of that mother out of the fridge and do some work on this site
why don't cha?
Your paying customers/AKA wanna be sellers do deserve exactly that no matter how many handmaidens the CEO's place in the Hub to disperse the logic of a site that simply makes no logic at this point.
Wink wink
Oh and by the way....there is still no overlooking that undeniable fact of the Aborigine at the bottom of the Zibbet black board....not so humorous or witty to many here in America where most of the Zibbet sellers reside---


  1. The people who claim these folks get a cut of the Zibbet new-sellers fees must be right. Nobody interested in selling handmade would cut their nose off to spite their face by foregoing a working site in favor of defending Andrew Gray and Jonathan Peacock's actions and words NO MATTER WHAT.