Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cats Wire On Zibbet Beautiful Handmade Crochet Wire Jewelry

I want to share a wonderful shop I found on Zibbet where I recently ordered this fabulous crochet wire bracelet and I am eagerly anticipating its' arrival all the way from Germany :)

Cat @ CatsWire

has so many beautiful items in her shop and her prices are really fantastic considering the amount of time these pieces take to create. 
I know I have talked a bit about how my hands have been giving me fits lately and these days there is no way I would even attempt to make these type of items because the artistry involved requires such repetitive and intricate details. And I know that this really makes me appreciate the beauty of her work even more :-)
Here are a few pics of the items available in her shop. And if you follow the link to her shop you'll see that everything she has there is simply amazing!

Cat is such a lovely person to deal with as well and I really feel lucky to have stumbled upon her shop on Zibbet :)  Just another reason why I luv luv luv Hollah! :-) Zibbet! There are so many fantabulous items there just waiting to be found.......


  1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! I appreciate this more than I can say!

  2. Cat has magic fingers...her work is outstanding!

  3. Cat does incredible things with wire! I have one of her wire crochet sculptures sitting on my desk. He's a little pink pig and I adore him.

    You're going to love your bracelet!

  4. Cat has a wonderful way with wire, she's a demon with her crochet hook :)
    You are going to love your bracelet!

  5. Congrats, Cat! What a lovely tribute to you and your fabulous creations!

  6. Cat is a wire wizard. She is a true artist.

  7. Thank you all for commenting on this wonderful artist that I found on the Zibbet site and wanted to share here on my little ole blog :)
    @ mcstoneworks...I luv that "wire wizard" comment! It is really the best description of Cat the artist that I could think of now :-)

  8. Our lovely Cat, the wire working machine. The things she can do with that wire is amazing. What a lovely post to highlight her work!

  9. Hooray! The bracelet arrived safe and is even lovelier than the pics depict...and Cat sent a free matching pendant
    :-) Whoo hooo Awesome!