Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just a simple question I guess...
If someone is on a venue and talks about you and also "fibs" about what really happened......
and then if you go to your own blog to set the record straight and simply tell your side of what is "really going on"........(and to prevent more drama on the venue)
Is that spreading bad karma or is it
 what I like to call " karma-lization" ?
When good and bad karma meet  :)
Most people tell me that I have a very big heart, but I will make no apologies for this instance and if this gets someones' knickers in a knot then I guess the smartest thing to do would be for them to go back to their blog world and their own philosophies and not come back into mine :)
Easy peasy.

And by the way...if I ever have a problem with what someone else is doing I always speak to that person first about it to try and resolve it....(for example..I don't go behind their back and complain or try to get them into trouble.....I speak to them directly about it first....) and if that makes me a terrible person in someones' book then so be it. However I can't quite seem to understand the level of frustration one person had about this. And I am suspicious that there is more here than what "meets the eye". Like maybe because someone makes some of the same types of things you do and got mentioned and you haven't been mentioned yet on this venue type of thing-- I could speculate that perhaps the "green eyed monster" simply reared its' head..but that of course would only be speculation and in my book speculation falls somewhere in between "bull crap...and a slight possibility". But we all know that only in a perfect world would we ever all get along...and we are not always going to like everyone we meet. And just because someone thinks I did something wrong doesn't mean that it really was wrong and vice-versa.
And Gosh sometimes we all need a little cheese to go with that whine hee-hee
Hope ya-ll are having a great week :)

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