Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pyometra and why you should get your dog fixed if you don't plan on breeding them anymore

Okay...I know I have posted several things about the dogs that hubby and I have come to know and love...

On my "dog days of summer" post I talked about how my own "dog family grew from Zero to 6"  in the blink of an eye...

And in this economy many people are happy to be able to simply have the ability to still be feeding their pets and to still have them----much more to be able to afford the vet visits and bills----

My son just rescued an adorable puppy they named "Daisy" from the "Kill Shelter" and I looked at this little puppy on Christmas like it was a new little "child" in my family :)--

But my little rambling tonight is the one about how where you think you are going to save $ but then it eventually ends up biting you big time in the be-hiney (big foot kind of nature) deal  ...

The day I told my hubby that I knew we simply couldn't have any more dogs in our house---

We looked at the options---

And the $ it was going to cost us in the next few years---

So I came up with the conclusion that because in my town it costs $60 a year to license dogs who are not spaded and because it was much cheaper to have our "boy" dogs fixed...we got the boys done---

And I want to add another lesson we learned here (trying to save some $)...

Bill Dance Jr. and Brownie Boy--we sent to our regular vet with the "regular prices"...and at that time my momma was still alive and she always was on the look-out for ways to save money...and she told me about a deal on "wheels" where you basically get 2 dogs spaded for the price of 1----so hubby was off from work on those days and we scheduled to send "Nugget" and "Hairy Puffy Potter" for the "two-fer"---great deal and great program----but then guess what happened?

Yep Harry and  Nugget came back fine and dandy and a couple of days later they started "coughing" and dang----a few days after this all of our dogs were having this strange cough...and yep---we ended up getting all 6 dogs to the vet and treated for "kennel cough"...and the vet bills ended up costing waaaaaay more than the $ we saved sending our little boy dogs on that "2-fer trip"---

okay the boys were all fixed at this point and I knew there would be no more babies----but seriously if I had known that the boys could still do the "wild thaaang" when the girls were in "heat"---I would have "re-thunk" my reasoning for getting them fixed at a "4 is cheaper than 2 deal" in the first place :)-----

So 2 months ago when our girls---"Molly" and "Candy"---(my moms' dogs actually that I had inherited)----anyways---when it was $60 a year each  to license them..hubby and I talked again about "we should just get them fixed also"-----but then the Holidays and expenses etc.etc. yada yada--

And now...2 days ago Molly dolly threw up a couple of times---and it was "green stuff" ..sometimes our dogs eat grass and throw this kind of stuff up so no big deal at first...

Then Molly was turning her nose up about treats...then wouldn't eat and was just laying around and would only get up to drink water---and this morning when I woke up she had some stuff coming out of her "ho-ho" and she got over being in heat more than a month ago--plus the fact that our boy dogs were not excited about that stuff coming out of her "ho-ho" made me know that Molly had something really wrong with her.....

Pyometra and Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia in Dogs

The abnormal thickening (pyometra) of the uters' lining can occur in dogs at any age, although it is more common in dogs that are six years of age or older. Cystic endometrial hyperplasia, meanwhile, is a medical condition characterized by the presence of pus-filled cyst inside the dog's uterus, causing the endometrium to enlarge (also known as hyperplasia).

Prognosis is often positive for both conditions; however, if the dog's cervix is closed, it can be a life threatening condition requiring immediate medical attention.

And yes.... she had an emergency operation today....
and the estimate is $1200-$1500 at this point but she is being monitored over nite and  if she gets to come home tomorrow it will be at the low end of the estimate--- I simply had to put half down for the operation :)
And it is weird----Molly is my moms' first dog that I took into my care----she has had about 4 litters of awesome pups that people still message me about and she has always been such a "good" doggie momma---- but to be honest ----Molly is my least favorite dog of all of the ones we have now---
and the reason is because when she and "Candy" had their 2nd litter about 2 days apart---Molly and Candy were "girlfriends"..Molly hadn't acted weird to Candy's 1st litter and actually "helped" Candy with them licking them and watching out for them---I never in a million years would have suspected that "Molly" killed one of Candies 2nd litter babies because Molly wanted all of them in her "den" nite hubby and I had to break up a "fight" where Molly was trying to grab all of Candy's babies ---I honestly know it is because Molly was such a good momma to all of hers that she had to have all of them in her "house" and thought they were all hers---- My twitter "avatar" is of "big head Fred"--and "Screaming Mimi" his sister-- was the pup I came home and grabbed out of Molly's mouth when she wanted to take her into "her house" that nite---THE 2 of them survived--but after that----
I have to be honest and say that Molly is my least favorite dog of our whole bunch----
however---when the vet today told me the price I didn't hesitate for a minute----
AND I am happy to say tonight that Molly is resting peacefully and will most likely get to come home tomorrow or on Friday-----

So much for trying to save money...LOL!..but it is what it is...and I know that Molly dolly will be very happy to see me when I pick her up and bring her home------
And I will definitely get Candy spayed ASAP!...I am just glad that Molly didn't die because we chose not to breed her but did not get her spayed:)

Get your dogs fixed because it will save you $ in the long run I guess is my rambling tonite :)
And yet it is not always about the $.....
I know that Molly "looking" at me with those big eyes and knowing that I would help her..has nada to do with $
She just knew I would be there for her and seriously I know that she has always been there for me-----
Hope ya'll are having a great week!
Pets are awesome even when they cause us worries!
post date to this post today 01-06-12 :-)....
 Here is a pic of my brownie boy to the left..and Bill Dance Jr. with his "arm" on Molly dolly 2 days before I took her to the vet (she always has those dang "wild eyes" in every pic I take of her unless we are outside!) .... ...he knew his girl needed some props LOL...and Candy is sitting on the right......

And here are a few pics of the beautiful pups that Molly and Candy have brought temporarily into our lives....
As a postdate to this ended up costing a little over $1,100 for the surgery...and I thought that it was really cool because Molly had to stay an extra day and it is not often that you get a quote for a procedure and the price you pay ends up being lower than the low end of the quote even if your dog ends up staying for an extra day....and the Coffee Road Animal Hospital performed this type of service!
When I get a chance I will find their link to add here because I am very happy that they were so honest with their prices and did not try to hose me when they very well could have in this situation!

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