Thursday, January 23, 2014

Team Zibbet? What was that all about?

I know a lot of nice people at Zibbet and although I do not personally know the person behind the Team Zibbet Twitter account.....
I'm wondering if she is aware that many are comparing her posts to the melt down and the Cra Cra that happened at TCS.
To an outsider..reading "Team Zibbet" one would obviously think that Zibbet is the one talking there.
And getting involved in personal spats while using the Zibbet name is a bad reflection on all Zibbet sellers.
When I say something I am speaking for myself. But if I did it with an account using the Zibbet name..... then one would assume I was speaking for the whole community.
I believe in speaking your mind..... but perhaps doing those things under a personal account would serve a much better purpose business wise for all involved in the venue.
It makes no sense to be running off more potential buyers and sellers with these type of public displays....
especially now that almost every time you blink more drama keeps unfolding.
No wonder so many are avoiding those forums like the plague.
And for all of the people who have worked so hard setting up shops and promoting and doing everything they possibly can to make their shops successful is really sad to see what is unfolding day by day.

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