Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zibbet C3 Andrew the rebuild and the new vibe jibe

Okay so most of ya'll know that I have been here for quite some time posting the positives about all of the good vibes that I have always felt since I landed @ Zibbet.  And first and foremost I want to make this perfectly clear.... the connections with all of the wonderful people I have met on the Zibbet venue....far outweigh any monetary equation as I sit back and try to analyze the situation today.
It's kind of funny strange and surreal all at the same time when I think back to some of those posts I made that said something like "If Zibbet is a Cult.... we hazzz great kool-aid".... I remember saying things like that when people made references to the cult kind of things and at that time I simply felt that some had opinions because so many people in the forums were helpful friendly and supportive..... and that was the site I found and landed on a few years ago.  I called it "The Zibbet Zensation" "I'm Zonkers for Zibbet" yada yada. 
But let me explain why the site then and the forums now are a bit different and "odd" to me and I would have to say that if I landed in those forums and found the site now..... I seriously think I would have bounced after trying it out for maybe a couple of months.
When I found Zibbet... Jonathan was in the forums and was always so kind and supportive.  Jess the site tech was also there and honestly.... he kind of reminded me of a Cali surfer dude who might be sporting some Chronic in his pocket to share with those who chose to imbibe.....and I'm not at all saying that Jess was down with 420.... he just kind of looked the part and was so laid back and easy going.
Anywhoo.... that was the Zibbet I found and stuck around for..... and yep kept on waiting for the elusive "rebuild".
I kept thinking that the site had good intentions and was the next best thing and hoping hoping that it would and should take off and thrive one of these days.
I met many wonderful people  in the forums.
But let me tell you from personal experience as to what I think happens over and over there.
You get there.... find a good vibe... like the place and start listing like mad and sharing like mad and promoting yada yada............ and after awhile when you find that you are tired of spending so much time promoting and sharing and listing new items that are still not selling as quickly as you think they should after so much effort you put into a place that you truly believe in and want more than anything to be the next bestest venue to sell your wares.....
Well guess what?  You find out that it doesn't matter how much better the value is on final value fees.... if you are not selling much or nothing at all.  And that is to me what has happened so far.  You  end up sitting back and waiting and watching for the rebuild when things are gonna go to the next level.  And you want them to TAKE OFF ....yes you really do because by this time you have a lot of time invested in this venue and your listings there.
And somewhere along the way.... along came Andrew (who I never knew anything about) out into the open after Zibbet got "publicly NOTICED"....they got attention and it suddenly seemed like Andrew was needing some of that attention now that the site was getting noticed. Then when that C3 stuff came out....whew! I guess that phrase of don't call someone a preacher and expect them not to get all preachy on you might be applicable can still google his name with C3 and links to the Zibbet Venue are tied to his name and religious affiliations.  And it really makes some wonder why they are on a venue that has links to the C3 the sellers on Zibbet are not all affiliated with C3 but Andrew chose to link his affiliation with Zibbet to his C3 stuff and that's where it all gets very very messy. A first time buyer could potentially google  Zibbet and find Andrew on C3 and see his links to Zibbet and assume that all Zibbet sellers are affiliated with Andrews' Church.  And that is the problem ... a big problem that still exists as I am writing this.  And anyone who questions whether or not they are comfortable with being on Zibbet and also having the correlation to the C3 church...might in fact do themselves a favor and google the C3 and decide for themselves now that all of this is indeed tied into a Google search that links Zibbet to Andrew and to the C3.....
I am one who lives by the "to each his own" motto and "judge not lest ye be judged" deal.  Several years ago I belonged to a congregation that had a sign outside which said "No Perfect People Allowed"..... but you could bet your sweet arse that every Sunday a group of finger pointing tongue wagging judgers would be in the front of the pews discussing what everyone else was doing wrong or inappropriate .And in my own experience I would have to say that some of the most hypocritical and judgmental people I know are very very religious.
Okay.... so when Andrew got the C3 call out..... I feel that things on the Zibbet site went downhill in a hurry....and I still think that hopefully Jonathan can step back up to the plate and save the venue.
Because is anyone else hearing this???? "Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! The MOMENTUM is leaving the building.....
I now am almost feeling that this was their chance and it got kind of blown.....
who at the end of the day really cares about less than 20 forum cupcakes who are very sensitive .....when the bottom line for most sellers--- is sales?
And the recent announcement that the "rebuild" will mostly be to prepare for more growth....
I am just thinking.......... Wow...............
you can't keep telling people to list their items on this fabulous venue that supports HVAS....
after awhile the people will grow weary of listing listing and little to no sales to compensate for all of the time they spent there.
And lately...... because my views do not coincide with one of the Zibbets' co-founder views...........
howzzz that vibe working for me these days??
should I pray about it?
Or should I just wait and see if it all works out?
All I know is that I am very very lucky to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people I have met there....
and maybe I could sell more there if I start offering free packets of Kool-aid with every purchase......
hee-hee...yep I am kidding :=)


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  2. ""Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! The MOMENTUM is leaving the building....."
    Exactly. The C3 stuff doesn't bother me as much as the lack of urgency to improve the venue.

    1. Agrees^^ with Anglewood :=) Improving the venue equates to $ in sellers' pockets for time spent listing.... and we all hope for time well spent

    2. also... just wanted to send a shout out to all those views here from the fine folks @ the private exclusive club A.K.A. ...The Retreat Lounge....oh my what a KO-INK-I-DINK :=)

  3. Very nice Post Spanky. I feel a lot of people are talking about Zibbet these days and saying things they should not have to say and not in private on Zibbet. Including me. White Rabbit .. the first to be removed from Zibbet for speaking out against the self appointed forum police. ok maybe it was planned but be assured many posts have been removed or closed including Spanky's post. Soon no one will be talking about Zibbet.. they should enjoy this honest feedback as soon we will all forget the place. :-) but one parting party in their honor!

    notice in my posts above the change in attitude from me on this zibbet site as things start to unfold. expect Zibbet to be associated with censorship and NO Sales in the future... not as a refuge of true handmade.. that option left with Andrews decision to act as more than a mortal on HIS Site.

  4. Hey Jerry
    I've missed seeing you on Zibbet....hey I just listed a Vintage Valentine I am sharing above......I hazzzzzz carrots for white rabbits :)

  5. also... I just wanted to add here regarding the "us vs them" thing..... I am not ever sure which "us" I fall into as I like a lot of different people who apparently when they are all thrown in the same spot together.....some of them don't like each other.
    I don't need to get caught up in all of that.....I will not choose sides in other peoples' drama
    my business is to keep track of who I have dealt with who treated me right and my business is that I can like people that other people don't like without being afraid that someone in a certain group will now not like me because I like someone that their group or team does not like.
    We do not need forum police or us vs them ever.
    No one knows who us or them is when you are accepting of the entire community.
    and until that gets squashed.....
    I guess some people will keep feeling like they don't fit in.