Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About some fables vs. real life situations and a zibbet story

I have made some posts as to why I think it is horribly wrong to make your own views interlinked and connected with a venue or business view and so called "team views"
Many might prefer "fables" and what not for examples on how to learn something but honest to goodness I think the most times in my life that I have ever learned anything is from real experiences of my own  or from learning from real experiences that others have gone through and have thankfully  taken the time to tell others about them.
Warning.... although this story is not a fable but instead ..a take on my real life experiences.... it is a bit long and a bit of a Rhonda ramble and therefore.... some may find this nothing other than that. 
I am posting this as somewhat trying to say that there are people out there who do often try to see many different sides of many different situations.... and yes... there are also some out there who tend to think that anyone who does not feel like they do are simply "Heathens" ( for instance)
Okay so my not fable but ACTUAL REAL story starts out as this....
I started posting on the Z pick boards.... very enthusiastic... spent a lot of time doing it and yes... the picks boards do get members views and sales and it is because of the work that has voluntarily gone into that...
so on the "yikes stripes" board.... someone out there in another country once came to the board and was saying all kinds of stuff  "you don't have all stripes"..."you are doing a bad job" etc.etc
Okay.... so of course I take offense at that because I am donating every minute of the time I spend doing that trying to do something good.
I end up getting quite defensive....say something like "sorry you got your panties so bunched up" and talk about how do these people just seem to pop up and find me out of nowhere?
Then the person kind of starts "following me around" if you get my drift.... I had this new admirer out of nowhere that I would never have crossed paths with had I not been doing something that I received absolutely zero compensation for.  Then it comes to the point where a friend of mine clues me in on links from this person and it turns out that she has  Aspergers syndrome so it is suddenly CLEAR like someone turned on a light bulb so to speak-- as to why she was being such an ass about stripes and wasn't me... it was something that she personally had an obsession about. And on top of that she also claimed to be some sort of a witch... I ended up messaging her and telling her that I felt no ill will towards her and that if she ever needed to talk about anything that she could contact me.  And the "following" as far as I know it stopped after telling her that I was sorry for her.
But that is not the real story that I am trying to get to here...hee-hee Rhonda ramble....take it or leave it
Okay.... so to me.... at that time that those boards were started we kind of had this thing... where we would message someone and tell them that their items were just featured and if they were not on Pinterest they might want to join etc etc.
So I message a fellow Zibbet Pics member about featuring her item in one of my boards...
and she answers me with a somewhat frosty reply that she saw what I said on my board about "panties in a bunch" and that her religion or whatever did not take kindly to those type of comments and not much appreciated as I was representing Zibbet on those boards. And honest to pete....even though I clearly got the message that some there obviously viewed me as the site "Heathen" who clearly did not represent them.... I got that message.  I was representing an entire venue and while it was okay to say something on my own Pinterest pins or spaces like "Perhaps yah might want to reach down and give those bunched up panties a yank so ya can breathe a bit easier"
it was not okay to say things like that when I was posting on the Zibbet stuff.
Point well taken and removed the link and then re-posted the sellers "striped controversy some see checks" item to the stripes board.
Okay so lesson learned....
it is not okay to mouth off and say things like that when you are out there representing any sort of team because they are only your views.
And now it is a fact that even one of Zibbets CEO's linked their personal twitter views to the Zibbet venue in public places and many many lessons since then have been learned the hard way.
Me ---the lesson I learned from all of this is that sometimes.... the people who find you and post the most crazy out there things.... some of them are only looking for someone to say a kind word... and guess what?
When I figured that out.... this person who found me out there and was suddenly so obsessed with me.... suddenly forgot about me (after I connected and said I was sorry for what she was going through) --and she suddenly found other things to obsess about.... not because she was trying to do that... but just because she was born with a problem that makes her do that.
And there is a big difference there.
Some people who often exhibit these kinds of obsessive statements and actions do indeed  have a choice and not a mental problem and yet they choose to create problems.... and other people believe it or not simply can not help themselves and are looking for a kind word or for someone to say... "I am sorry I can not help you with that."
Live and learn.
And yes I am crass... okie panokie...I say what I mean... and often times might not fit into some groups out there..but I rest well at night knowing that I don't need to fit in. I am what I am.
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