Friday, January 24, 2014

Some thoughts About Kool-aide and crap

Well.... here's the thing....
the last time I looked.... Kool-aide comes in many different colors and flavors.  There are also those who have many different preferences as far as how sweet or how tangy they like their Kool-aide.  Point being that even Kool-aide is as diversified with choices as anything else out there.

Bottom line---------

Whether you are standing in line at the next cult convention or whether you are simply very thirsty.....
there will never be just one kind of Kool-aide that everyone prefers to drink.... nor should there ever be.
It's all about choices and decisions and making your own decisions instead of having someone else tell you what your only choices are....
and when a situation arises where a once seemingly 2 way street just keeps getting narrower and narrower and the traffic is definitely getting stalled at that one way "Yield" sign....hmnnn. Just hmnnnnn.
and then.... here's another thing.
One might think that those who have been known to capitalize and cash in on the dissent of others would somehow have a better feel on how to handle types of dissent within their own community instead of just banishing them in an effort to keep a lid on things.
Some people (myself included) would certainly feel that pretty much bad things happen when only one way of thinking is allowed. Especially when the people who do speak up and voice other opinions are suddenly punished or grouped as "troublemakers or liars " and are being called "a group of those wanting to only bring harm to others " when in fact they might only be guilty of caring about it enough to say something in the first place
Yes there are always about 3 sides to every story.
And when I think of how bad things can get when people are afraid to speak up...well gee one word "Hitler" comes to mind....that's an extreme example of what happens when one view is the only view allowed at the time.
And here's another thing....trying to cover up crap and hoping it will just go away pretty much just makes a big ole huge crap pile kind of keep growing. Like the magically morphing pile of poo or something like that.
Because when you try to cover the crap up and sweep it under the rug without addressing it and being down right honest about it.... it doesn't take long for someone to come along and step in that not so hidden crap and start trampling around and spreading it all over the place.... and pretty soon more and more people are out there stepping in it and before you know it you have a big ole humongeous stinky pile of poo that would have probably just shriveled up and disintegrated had it been faced properly and head on.(And if you had the foresight to keep your friends close but your perceived enemies closer)
Guess there's a reason why most turds float...sometimes like cream they also rise to the top and no matter how many times you flush....they just seem to keep fighting and won't easily go away.
And that leads me to thinking....
is Kool-aide good for the digestive system? that's my ramble for the day.
Hope ya'll have a nice weekend!
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