Saturday, January 25, 2014

#Zibbet...hazz I been bannded now? Hope it is only a site glitch :)

Sooo... I Put the shop on vacay sometimes one has to step back away think about it...or just has things they need to do....
because I brought up a topic and left the conversation in order not to be disrespectful...
just a few minutes ago...after talking to so many people with so many encouraging words....saying that I have indeed been a positive voice in this community with the best intentions
went back and tried to take the shop off of vacay....
keep getting the "will not load" message on 3 different computers by the way.
I am assuming that this is some sort of a glitch.... as I have had no messages (regarding shop removal) and am still able to post in the community.
If I am now banned and can not take the shop off of vacay.... a message or something would be nice ....I do need access to my items in the shop in order to copy and paste them if that is the case...
and some might say....
oh you should message site help or whatever.....
I find it very strange that this just occurred after posting something that did not bode well with a certain group here but in fact was stated in the most respectful manner.
just kind of twilight zone....not a conspiracy theory ...but it is what it is.
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Also have screen shots and please... I do not need some of ya'll with those messages that I need to go back to somewhere else :)



  1. Update.... hooray! it twas only a back on-line whoo hooo!

    1. and thanks again to all who were so kind to message and reply... much appreciated :=)