Friday, January 31, 2014

Postal in Paris reclaimed there's always room for Junk in my trunk

So I finished this piece a few weeks ago and forgot that I hadn't made a post of the the finished piece.
I've had this trunk/crate sitting out under the patio for months..... I posted here awhile back and you can see it is in this stack of some of my "gone junkin'" stuff.....
and man..... I guess it depends on what you like to "find" but when you sit back and look at your stuff and are like just pattin' yourselves on the back and smiling that it was such a great day out there hunting for something that you wanted or could possibly use or make something out of or need... LOL
I can't tell yah how much it makes me smile even more when people walk by and say "Good Job"....or "I like your style"...etc.. etc.... those of you out there in treasure/junk land have been there and done it....
man what a rush when you are loading up your wares and heading home :=)
So 6 months later that box with the lid and handle on the end..... finally got some work done to it.
And it was a bit more work than usual.
Karen @TheGraphicsFairy has this fab tutorial link
and in the first one there is also a link on how to enlarge images for bigger pieces of furniture.
I had these awesome vintage postal pages from Paris that I had bought on Etsy..... and knew that was what I wanted to place on the top.
The enlarging is quite easy ..... but I first thought I would go the easy route and try a heat transfer because the surface seemed as if it might hold up.....
but the heat worked on some of the print and pulled up the paint in other places.....
and yep....good thing about paint..... you can always add another layer or two. :=)
I ended up using the gel transfer method..... and think it turned out pretty decent.
I'm just glad I finally finished it and got it out from under my patio LMAO!
And hubsters is pretty happy about that as well. :)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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