Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ad Sense Nonsense thread @Z

So yah... I get a bit defensive when I feel that someone is being picked on for no reason.  And lately it seems that this little tiny group of inflamed fanooters have been stirring the pot and creating even more drama..... and fact is that the pot is getting emptier and emptier and pretty soon the spoon is gonna be clanking on an empty vessel cause ya'll have pretty much succeeded in running off a pretty fine group of people.  There was room in that community for everyone but some of ya still aren't satisfied... yah just keep starting more dissention amongst yourselves.
That thread was bottom line a "call-out".  When someone says things like 
  (Not that I would want that) -
Can premium shop owners monetize their Zibbet shops (not that I would want to...just trying to figure out how these fairly large and intrusive (to me) ads got there!)
Heavens to murgatroyd....  how could that be anything BUT a call out when one reads what was said?
And here's the thing.... if you really had a question or concern or curiosity.... why not just message the shop owner?
Or heck some of ya'll are so good about taking every little whiney problem you have to the head honcho....seems like yah might have dialed him up on the hot line and asked him about it....cuz well...that's just the way some of ya'll roll.
And something else to consider whilst you're concerning..... even if you are going to say only nice things about a shop that you have taken a screen shot of.... common courtesy would be to ask the shop owner permission to talk about them in those forums.
In case you haven't noticed...... lots and lots of folks are distancing themselves from those forums and might not want any association with any thing that some of ya'll represent.
Obviously nothing I am saying is going to change any of your actions as you have already appointed yourselves as the "Supreme Judgers"  Maybe I should list some grand Poo Bah hats...... bet I could sell about 10 of them there.  wink wink

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