Sunday, January 26, 2014

About that team Twitter tweeter and the Attack Of The Viper Wipers

Okay so there was only one person on that so called team for quite some time when it was being called a "Team" and also using the business name to back it up.  And since the one person took it upon herself to make false allegations and assumptions in the name of the "venue"...and undoubtedly 2 wrongs don't make a right but let's just say that I borrowed her crazy pants and bounced a bit of that back her way in an effort to make it clear that her tweets were in no way a representation of the sellers on that venue.
Flash forward to now there are in fact more people tweeting under the "team" name so I myself will no longer be directing tweets toward a group of people who have not acted in the crazy and childish and totally unprofessional manner that this one who said she was "representin'" did.
If a venue is already under the radar... what this one tweeter tweeted using the venue name was enough alone to drive away new buyers/sellers... and also some current sellers who are embarrassed to be associated with that kind of carp.
The key goal on that "team" should be to publicly promote a venue instead of to get on there and bash your fellow sellers.  And if the other "teamies" can put a sock in this one's mouth for awhile..... things should start looking up on that avenue of promotion.
And while speaking of false and rude things from some who have a story that it's "the others"... who are doing terrible things....
here's another little clue some might want to jot down for future reference.....
when some of ya'll have been in those chat rooms and have "popped up" and told fellow members "You don't belong here" "Go back to where you came from" "If you don't like it leave" .... kinda stuff..... there have been screen shots taken of what you said..... and those comments that some think they can make and then go back and delete them later...... well gee.....they have most certainly had screen shots as well.  They are out there being shared.... and it's no secret that what one described as "housecleaning"....a lot of folks out there are seeing it quite differently and are describing what has transpired so far as---"Salem Witch Hunt 2"  "Attack of the Viper Wipers" and also "The Jim Jone's Jamboree"....
so I'd think that in your next little private Pow-wow..... you might want to see if some of ya'll would start behavin' yourselves for awhile before this little Kumbaya collapse  passes the point of no return because there's a lot more than 20 or so people there who have worked so hard and will most certainly continue to be affected by some of your actions.
That's just a bit of advice from this little ole Country Bumpkin.
ooops gotta clear some frost off of the pumkin :=)
And if the little hints aren't quite clear enough..... let me sum it up in one sentence
"Perhaps some of you Z Zealots should consider pumping the brakes for awhile."  
Yep that would be a simple step in the might direction now wouldn't it? 

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