Saturday, June 28, 2014

#Zibbet where free speech is allowed only if you obey the like mindedness

The Twitter anti-Zibbet blasts last night certainly got the Ceo's britches bunched.  And it ended up with yet another unethical petty little rant in the Community Hub with the Ceo publicly naming recently banished Community members and bashing talk trashing them in a manner that has been witnessed before.  Why not just talk privately in the little huddles over there about those outcast members?  We've known them to be quite accomplished at that talent. Well it is just a certain matter of inexperience and perhaps inability to handle a "Boss" position that keeps them doing these silly little boy things over and over.
Many who have been warning sellers to make sure you also go to Pay Pal and cancel your auto-renew have gotten the message out quite successfully.  Others have recently been suggesting that when you close your Zibbet shop you should first and foremost go back in and change all of your "personal" information that you have provided these two with.  (Banking info, credit card #,name, phone number, street address etc.)  Who knows what type of unethical things could happen if this information is in the hands of "certain business" people who do things like public name calling and member bashing? Someone who ran a Dinars to Dollars scam certainly could have learned his lesson and saw the light by now.  But leaving any type of personal information in the hands of one who has exhibited this type of behavior might at this point be a not so wise thing to do.
Gheez... is it any wonder some are calling the BoyZZZ at HackerLabs "Talkin' Smack-er Labs"?
And for those in the Hub who may have their eyes burning at this point because the conversation reeks of so much bull shit....might be comforted with being told
"Oh gosh don't worry that's simply a new fabulous scent that Forum Correctness Sheriff Sweet and Shitty N0. 666 is wearing!"
And speaking of Bully Boy....
those wondering about fertilizer and plants might do themselves a favor on taking the refresher course from Pastor Andy on how to "Grow Disciples"
yep Children of The Zibbet Hub/Zorn
seems like there's a new crop of plants that need more fertilizer in Zibbet Hub town.
And you're it Sheeples.
Word on the street....
run as fast as your little hooves will carry you darlin'.
But cancel your Pay Pal auto renew before you bust a moooooove. 
Or in this case bust a BaAaAaAaA 
(that's sheep speak for OuT-IE)

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