Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dearest Zibbet handmaidens Andy's plants have seemingly sprouted and a bit more about some truly #badhumans

Yep yes sir ree...the Zibbet Circus snake oil Handmaiden side show  subject has about lost it's relevance.
But today I still find it quite interesting when original hidey hole members at Zibbet get cast away from the fold and start speaking their minds and true feelings about their overall Zibbet experience.
I mean... I still realize that for some of them thar die hard handmaidens....a SCANDAL occurs every time they even sense a bit of a whiff of wind underneath their skirts.
What I still to this very day fail to understand or even comprehend is why why why...must they make up chit and call others "bad" people/humans etc. etc. and make up lies about what has been going on for quite some time.??????
First and foremost.......
new people (if there are actually still any new Zibbeters who may be reading this today).............
come on let's face it.......
Zibbet has seemingly relied on collecting disgruntled sellers from other venues in hopes that they will eventually pay $ to become a premium seller on the Zibbet site. But the hard and sad fact today is that.............
Etsy seems to be the game in town where sellers can still actually sell some things......
and the talk about Zibbet in those forums is not at all very favorable. 
Bottom line....
not much hope of them ever getting any type of momentum like they had last Fall and essentially BLEW IT.
Been there did that.....
went on their vacation retreat
stuck a few " post its" up on the wall
and blew it.
Of course Jonos' past connection to Dinars to Dollars and Andys' connections with how to build C3 "plants" didn't actually help matters much.
But today.....
the perplexing thing to me is this...........
why do those who once were so called "friends" and so called "So welcoming" still continue to make up and create all of those lies about former members who flounced or were bounced?
A friend of mine made the statement that it has been quite a side show on seeing how the "most recently appointed"  handmaidens have stepped up into those forums and evolved into something we never thought they could have been.
Laughable to say the least.
I recently saw this post about one asking about a horror movie from the past and to me...there seem to be quite a few Zibbet correlations  here LOL!

Old horror movie where people are turned into monsters by machine

by Drenus
(Czech Republic)

I was very young when I saw this movie (late 90s). It was during a bus ride on a school trip (I do not know why did they show such thing to children like me anyway). I do not remember the movie name and it has been bugging me since that time.

I remember only few things:

1) There was a machine operating at night with something like a huge arm that was sucking in curious people around it (and then they were mashed up into pieces and throwed away from the machine - but I am not sure about this part` maybe it is from another movie or I just made it up somehow)

2) I am 100 % sure that this part was in the movie. There was an evil guy (probably in black?) that used his device that looked like a big chair (with some kind of a helmet) to transform people into monsters (with a dinosaur-like head or something like that) using electric discharges.

The monsters obeyed the evil guy.

3) I remember escaping a group of people (4 to 6) through tunnels using a pad or something that could ride very quickly. They were hunted by the monsters on another pad.

I think that they were jumping from one end of the tunnel to another where were icicles or stalactites at the opening.

One man from the group put a spanner during the ride on the pad in a hole in the tunnel to stop the monsters behind them.

Okay..... so from the above "post" that to me could really be a Zibbet difference story LOL!  anywhoo...the part where it said
The monsters obeyed the evil guy.
This to me is what I think about when I think of the remaining Zibbet Handmaidens.
ToTaLLy Fo Shizzle!
(and can I get an Amen!) ?
All I can say about this today....
is come on those of you in the Zibbet hubs still spreading the lies and denies............
you don't have to be the monsters that others are thinking you are now acting like.
For example...
simply calling someone a "Bad Human"
does not lift you out of the Monster Pool.
Consider that for a second and by the way.....
that wind under your handmaiden skirt might perhaps simply be a brain fart......
but no worries.....
the cure for Zibberts brain farts from what I have seen lately is evidently drinking some more of that tasty Kool-Aide  LOL!
carry on dear maidens........
carry on.

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