Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Have you hugged yer bad humanity today? #Zibbet #Zibbet ram rods #Zibbet false prophets

Well here goes another one of those "You just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried" # Zibbet. 
Once they "locked" those forums down it was pretty certain that more lies and supposed's were going to start taking place but the boldness of the statements being made are quite absurd even when you realize they are coming from Zibbet-ville. 
Here's the thing.  People are not perfect. Shitty things happen and you deal with them or don't deal with them or forgive people or get forgiven but the bottom line is that life is not perfect nor will it ever be.  People make mistakes and some people learn from them. Others just keep making them and blaming everyone else for things that could have turned out differently if they themselves had handled themselves or the situation better. And others tend to start rumors and lies in order to make excuses about what is happening.
One person in the Zibbet forums has recently made a statement regarding "Bad humans" and went on to make some sort of bull chit analysis about them wanting to hurt everyone and she found it frightening.

this is a bit of what she said....
Imagine if you worked in an office with someone like this and they were fired for their behavior. If you knew they were spending so much time of their daily lives blaming others, stalking, trashing others, plotting ways to cause damage and dwelling on the past. They eventually want to hurt everyone and anyone that even worked at the same place. That is the very type whom you would be concerned would come back into the building to hurt others. It is the very same personality. It is sad and it is also frightening. 

so according to her.....people who question the actions/non actions at Zibbet are suddenly being equated to Mass Murderers? Wow.....just wow!

Well let me tell you what I find frightening....(and I found it frightening when I was a member of the Zibbet Community).  The frightening thing to me is that people making statements like the one above do have a certain amount of education.  And to me it is down right scary that they could make such stupid accusations and false assumptions and then spread it around.  Now granted...there are not very many people left in those threads conversing with one another....
But for that certain Zibbeter to make the blanket statement that those questioning the actions/non-actions of the Zibbet head honchos somehow makes them all "bad humans"... is far more egregious than anything I have read on those Twitter #Zibbet feeds.  And people (like the one calling others "Bad Humans").. who spread those kinds of lies and assumptions to me are the ones who will be standing first in line at the gates of Hell when reckoning day rolls around. (You know that place where "Bad humans" are supposed to end up?)  :=)
Here's the thing that happens when bad rumors get started and then other people start repeating them or are afraid to speak up about it.
One rather extreme example of this is that Hitler said the Jews were bad humans. Hitler said that all Germany’s problems had been caused by the Jews. Many people believed him. And we all know how this one turned out when he used them for a scapegoat . 

And those left in the Zibbet Hub should do themselves a big favor and realize that they are not helping their businesses in any way shape or form by acting this way. (Spreading false rumors in vain attempts to justify the wrongdoings of the CEO's.)
Who knows?  Maybe the one talking about "bad humans" fell into a huge vat of Kool-Aide and hasn't been able to come up for air in order to supply a better amount of oxygen to her brain.  #someone certainly isn't thinking very clearly.

Peace ya'll... and no worries.... I believe there is a place in everyone's heart for "bad humans".  I am just losing patience with some of those handmaiden humans who think that wearing a grand poohbah hat and trying to ram rod the Zibbet Hub is their biggest calling in life.  (Oh and I guess they get a pat on the head every now and then from A and J and it makes it all worthwhile)  hee-hee


  1. "Bad human' sounds like the insult of a three year old. I can't wait for poo poo head.

    1. well speaking of poo poo... it has been suggested that a few of them might perhaps tinkle in their Depends every time Andy pats them on the head :=)

  2. LOL, seriously, how many CEO's pop in a forum thread and pass out virtual head pats? Are they all dogs, no wait, it's all females so I guess they're all bitches. If they want their precious Z site to be prosperous, it would be a good idea to approach it as a BUSINESS, not a social club. Drop the secret forums, act like professionals and tackle the concept of how to make a profit. A negative 62% growth is not something to celebrate.