Friday, June 27, 2014

#Zibbet Double Standards #Pretty Shitty Twitty Committee #Zibbet Fail

Oh for goodness sake
Sheeples ...
try to back away from the herd for an instant and consider the hypocrisy of this latest #Zibbet FAIL.
Remember when Pastor Andy made all of the Twitter "Whoopsie" tweets when he had his account linked to "CEO of Zibbet"?
Well dayum cookie if everyone wasn't asked to overlook his erroneous ways and forgive and forget.
Some in cyberville have been claiming for awhile that they were banned from the Z Hub for their actions outside of Zibbet.  And the message they sent Davey today pretty much wraps up the verified confirmation on that one.

Sheeples Sheeples Sheeples......
step back away from the herd.
Give this one a real hard thunk a dunk dunk.
You just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried.
And yep....that's what I'd call a Pretty Shitty Twitty Committee.
Holy Hypocrites Batman!
could this chit get any worse??????
Well who knows just how bat shit crazy things in that Sheeple Cave can possibly get (wink wink)

edited to add...........are you really ZZZerious?????
Jono posted this
"FYI @everyone, we've unfortunately had to remove Carla and David from our community. You just have to look at their social media profiles to see that they are not here for anything but to make unhelpful, deceitful and antagonistic comments.

So Zibbet reconfirms that they are looking at members social media profiles?
How in the Hell yes hell....
does Zibbet now plan on getting new people who find Zibbet because they are unhappy with the venue they are currently on.....
(means WTF????????? in Zibbet speak :=)
Zibbet is removing people from Zibbet because of their so called "Social Media profiles"?????
Well consider me cornfuzzzzzzzzzzed
once again here dearest #Zibbet.........
how do you intend to get more sellers who find your venue because they have questions or are upset and thinking about leaving whatever venue they are on....
only to see here straight from the CEO SPEAK------
that they will promptly be removed...........
the minute they start asking any questions?
Let's play a game...

How else does Zibbet get new people?
Well goodness gracious...
it is surely because people are not happy with said venue they are on and might perhaps look to Twitter to find a sight like Zibbet that still is looking to relaunch into something bigger....
And then
LO and BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!
the CEO's there will end up kicking you out of their venue for the same reason you found them in the 1st place........
Don't waste yer time with this one!!!!!!!!

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  1. Zibbet Hypocrites!! Hey Andy, what's in your Twitter Account?