Monday, June 9, 2014

Chloe knows a thing or 2 about relating and relationships

So I tease the hub a bunch.... we do things differently and often that is what makes us a wonderful combination.
Sometimes I tease him/get frustrated with him/ call him OCD yada yada.
One for instance....
loading the dishwasher.... he will drop in and turn all the silverware upright.... I just load it as it lands....lucky if they hit the slot the first time I aim kind of deal.....
but nope..... the hubster will jump in there and rearrange the entire dishwasher telling me what I am doing wrong and why it needs to be loaded "His way".
Sometimes I call him "Sargent  Stadanko"
Most of the time.... I just let him do it.  If it means that much to him if it is that important... go for it....make it however wonderful that you need it to be.
I think I am one who looks at the overall picture and he is one who concentrates on the small view in the overview and wants all of the details to be "right".
And honestly.... we don't argue that much or never really have.
But if I am gonna be honest here.... I will say that after having the small strokes....
I seem to take more offense with him "telling" me or "correcting" the things that I do and acting like I am not doing things right.....
I will say that most often I know that... I try to let the small things slide...........
because I normally am one to often not notice what is right in front of my face LOL.... I guess I am too busy looking at the sky maybe 
so long story (Rhonda Ramble) short.....
I just wanted to share a little relationship advice that my 3 year old grand baby taught me today.
I often say that if we as adults would just sit back and listen to the knowledge from our wee ones....
life could indeed be so much simpler.
So here's Chloe and her sis Lexie 
a few weeks ago when they spent the
night having some ice cream 
sittin' on the front porch

and then they were picking 
some flowers for Gamma

Finally got around to loading the pics on my camera and had to share those even if they are from a few weeks ago....anywhooo today.... Chloe awoke after spending the night and we were getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese and also were going to stop at the antique mall before hand.
Needless to say.... hubby and I got in a rittle spat and Chloe with all of her 3 year old wisdom.....shook her little finger at us and said....

"Now need to know here that you are both the boss!"

she also followed hubby into the living room and told him

"Seriously you really need to calm down here"

and we weren't even really fighting... she had just never seen us having any type of arguments before and when she told Papa that he seriously needed to calm down

 I was busting up laughing
and the rest of my day was one
of the best days of my life so far.

A 3 year old kid had to once again teach me that life is 
so dad-gum simple
it really 
really is.
A dear friend of mine told me that Chloe has a great future as a Marriage counselor.
here's a few pics of our Chucky trip down memory lane today :)

Just remember

you are both the boss...................

sage advice
thank you Chloe Girl.
Gamma smiles..............

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