Saturday, June 14, 2014

#Zibbet Money makers and hackerlabs and buy your premium before it costs you mo money

Well apparently Zibbet Ceo Andrew Gray is busy hawking his money mastery advice

while Zibbet Ceo Jon Peacock has a fridge full of beer and is in hacker heaven whilst being a busy hustler at

you can see the so called "new" Zibbet swan logo on the chalkboard in the above hackerlab link as well as what appears to be an aborigine at the bottom of the board doing something upside down. (Which I guess gives a whole new meaning to "down under") Whatever is going on it is apparent that Jon is renting desk space at hacker labs for $400 a month.

In the meantime the Zibbet newsletters still keep encouraging you to jump in on that premium seller membership deal before it gets even higher and the logic they are parlaying is that it will save you some money.

At this point one might be wise not to spend any more of their hard earned money or time.  At least not until these guys roll out that rebuild and the main thing......
one has to keep in mind is that even if the new Zibbet venue turns out to be the prettiest thing since lipstick on a pig....
the venue still needs traffic and people are just not going to magically land on Zibbet if they do not know it exists.
Wouldn't it be nice if Jon and Andy spent some time promoting the venue in order to help their members sell something instead of promoting the selling of premium seller shops?

I have said many times before that if you have a built in market of can take them to a venue like Zibbet and save yourself some final value and listing fees in the long run.
But new sellers or few things sold sellers should in my opinion certainly think twice before spending any money before seeing what the Z boys have in store after all of the promises they have made.
It is indeed time for them to get this thing on blast.
One of their developers posted in a resume that the new rebuild was going to launch in early June.  It says right here that they renovated 
10,000 stores.
Wow....are there really that many active sellers on Zibbet now?
This must really be exciting for all of those 10,000 sellers there waiting for the earliest June possible :)

I'd have to say that I have always been quite fond of pistachios but last time I looked.....early June has come and gone and this whole thing seems to be getting more nutzzzzz as the years go by...but hey maybe Andy is gonna put out a new video soon on how to shake that money maker mo money mo money do the hustle.
step right up folks....don't ask up them thar pocket books and hand it over before the price gets even higher already okay. hee-hee.

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