Thursday, June 26, 2014

What some people think about "loose" and howz that Gerbil in yer butt feeling today? #Zibbet

You know that certain story about the certain actor who had a gerbil stuck up his butt and had to go to the emergency room to have it removed?...........................
well that's the certain kind of  uncomfortable feeling 
I would "picture"some of those Z handmaidens must feel every time another Zibbet truth comes out or every time they lose another one of their faithful forum followers.
Uncomfortable  indeed!
I can't imagine any other reason they would continue to enforce the farce that is right there if one simply chooses to connect the dots.
Many many sellers who have left that venue worked so gosh darn hard promoting it and their fellow sellers at the time there.
With little to no success.
Now some of the statements they (heavenly Handmaidens) are making about how Zibbet is now a vital marketplace and that Etsy is dying and has already seen it's hey day  is laughable to say the least.
I would think any one who cares to follow the dots
 (without even trying to connect them )
would first look at the founder of Etsy and his original mission which was to truly create an independent seller maker market.
The Zibbet founders?  Well one might look at all of the links and see that they pretty much like to create start-ups with the hopes of selling them to investors. Yes it is a fact that  Etsy did see huge growth and changes once the venture capitalists came into play..... but most have come to the realization that Zibbet will probably never get interesting enough to capture the investor interest.
Bottom line
(#Agent Gerbil whisperers)

They (Zibbet) already blew the chances of that.
And it would take a miracle to ever get the huge influx of sellers or "believers" that already came saw and left .
there are no other venues to draw disgruntled sellers from....and your pool of leapers from Etsy has already dried up.
I guess that is the only thing that has really died at Etsy.
Any type of enthusiasm for Zibbet whatsoever.
(And there never was much in the 1st place)
And people in those forums who want to talk about "Oh we have new members signing up and are growing"  certainly don't want to talk about that Elephant in the Zibbet room...........Namely~~~~
All of the people who left the venue in droves after flooding the site last Fall.
Why did they leave?
They were not selling enough to compensate for all of the time they were wasting there.
And of course there were those who did not want C-3 ties to their business.
And those who promptly left after they witnessed just how professional those in charge were when it came to handling any type of influx of sellers.
And those who finally simply heard enough excuses and back peddling.
Of course there are also those who had quite easily connected some of the dots and woke up one day and realized that it doesn't matter what may (or may not)  happen over there now.....
they have already seen enough of Zibbet past that they have no desire to be any part of whatever the future may bring.
Yes... there are still Some who think it may still actually happen one day .
(A true Zibbet Revival )
Baby steps.  Little Baby gerbil steps and all.
So I guess one of the questions for today would be
Would you rather ("quote" from another seller)
"loose your banner"?
or "quote" (from me mahself and moi......)
"Would you rather act like you had an uncomfortable gerbil running loose inside yer butt and you didn't quite know what your next slim shady sideways shift will be?"
Cheers to correct shifts and balances :=)

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