Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey there Zibbet flashers....let's talk about views for one sec okay? LOL

I dunno
I'm old school and realistic at the same time.
I just wanted to share one thing about "views" that some of them Zibbet handmaidens are doing.
Posting and think the "thousands" views are so super special kind of thang/dealio/specialio
Now beans when sellers are helping and promoting like minded sellers.
Nothing wrong about that.
Promote the heck out of all get out and get er done.
But for some like me who have no clue about views and why so many views might not equate into sales of your items or make more followers on whatever site in question.......
I am offering up this own personal link here as an example of why some peeps out there should not get over excited about whatever "views" they think might bring them more sales.....
notice my Google+ link below....
notice how it says that I have 15 followers
but at the same time says that I have one million four hundred thousand plus views?
and from what I have seen...My Google views when compared to your Zibbet "bot" views.........
well..let's just say.........
mine seem to be more "REAL"
Food for #zibbetflash thought peeps
food for thought izzzz allzz I am saying :=)

15 followers|1,434,155 views

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