Friday, August 8, 2014

#Zibbet Not at all the 12 days of Christmas @ 12 days after the # Zibbet rebuild

Tomorrow will be twelve days after the Zibbet debuild/rebuild launch and many are wondering why it could not be like the 12 days of Christmas with a list of what their "true love" gave to them.
At this point....Zibbet is fast and furious fading into the sunset.
I could maybe list waaay more than 12 points still even though what has happened to the venue since the "rebuild" is sad and pathetic to those out in cyber space still watching....many actually feel so sorry for the sellers still there handing over $ to the CEO's that they have kind of gone silent.
Yes reflections and silence and wondering about why anyone ever really cared about something that has turned out to be truly at this point so dysfunctional and bad.
I honestly reached a point last week of choosing to simply forget about some of the folks that I was finally full blown

Disillusioned with....

( knowing that I could no longer find excuses for why they are still acting in a certain what seems to me "unexplainable manner")
At the end of the day there are still way more than 12 things that Zibbeters are wondering why the rebuild has not given to them yet...

First of all.....
#1---What about the members who never went to the Community (because they chose not to be a part of it).... and now that the new Zibbet has removed that link to the community did the CEO's ever consider the fact that some of them might still be completely lost with this site that still times out more than it loads.?
#2.--Why did the Beta testers that Zibbet said in those forums had to be very experienced "Web Speak" so to speak.....why did they not notice something as simple as FONT that was so hard to read? A lot of other questions have been raised about what these Beta testers did not notice that could have easily been noticed one with little web experience might it leaves most wondering if the so called "Testers" were actually simply "chosen" to tell everyone how WONDERFUL the new Zibbet supposedly was looking like.
#3---why are those craftsmen taking so many breaks over and over and over? Jono said quite awhile back that they used the $ from  influx of sellers to buy a bigger server space....and a site that will not load for most is not going to get the claim to  CALL  "overloaded".....when HELLO?? the dadgum thing times out BEFORE it even loads.....yep HELLO? HOUSTON....we do have some sort of a big broken problem here perhaps?
#4--the previews of the new site spoke of "Zibbet's inventory management system being the heartbeat " of the store's performance.  So far... most would agree if they are honest that nothing is really being managed on the store performances because no one can really stay on the site or figure out enough how they are supposed to get that so called "heart beat" beating.
#5--the Zibbet pistachio preview showed "68,888" creatives..... the new Zibbet currently shows "44,402" creatives but people know these numbers are so phoney and fake that it actually makes the sellers still there trying to sell something look like they condone the fibs and lies and funny math that seems to prevail on Zibbet.
#6--Here's something to think about....the new Zibbet had no mention of Co-founder and CEO Andrew Gray....when some in the forums were asking where is Andrew Gray.... Jono finally stepped in and said Andrew is still there and one of their forum "spokespersons" said this
As far as Andrew being more or less missing, I may be wrong but I believe this was an intentional move on the part of Zibbet to make Jonathan the "face" of Zibbet after a number of things that were said about Andrew and his life and beliefs outside of Zibbet.
Okay the sad thing about this statement is that if this is the case^^^^^ what the forum spokesperson said above.....
obviously the powers that be @Zibbet felt it was necessary to hide "Andy" after whatever it is that he has been said to have done. And it just makes it look like the people who called Andy out are the ones who are now being vindicated if Zibbet intentionally felt it was necessary to "hide" Andy and his affiliation and actions with the site.
#7--the people who were in charge of this "rebuild" clearly should have had the foresight to tell their older members who do not have up to date internet connections or computers that they would have to be upgrading their home systems or at least have given them a heads up on what they might expect.
#8--the sellers at Zibbet have had a hard enough time selling anything there except for items mostly sold to one another in the does the CEO plan on apologizing or making up for the potential "lost" sales for anyone out here who may have been waiting to see the "Fabulous" new Zibbet and then looked at the site and may have attempted to try and find a shop and purchase something but kept getting the "timed out" site would not load messages and in fact are still getting them?
#9--I myself used to be quite enamored with the fact that the CEO's were so hands on in the forums and answering would think that with an issue this big...something that has been eagerly anticipated for at least 4 years and that Jono was saying emphatically right up until the days before the launch..."You are going to love the new Zibbet!".... my feelings are that he could have at least spent maybe 30 minutes a day each and every day in that hub addressing the problems and offering help hope and assistance instead of using the excuse...
"Too busy to post more"  I say HOGWASH on that one.
I also call bull shit on this

This website is under heavy load

We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later.

#10--Removing the community link to the new Zibbet has surely alienated many people although I am sure that the powers that be knew there were going to be complaints and some more "bad humans" asking the wrong questions there and they simply thought that removing the "Hub" from Zibbet would assure that the negative impact of all of the problems would be minimalized ...but I personally think that having a HUB where people could easily find some answers to all of their problems would have been the way to go here.
#11--I said in a previous post that I could not believe the "hackerlab" self entitled pros could not have posted a link in the Zibbet hub to help and reassure those who to this day (12) days later are still having so many problems there. Why would someone who has been known to try and ramrod even the "Christian" posts be the one who is "delegating" help and telling people what they should and should not ask? It makes no sense. At least no business sense that most can see.
#12--To sum it up in my typical Rhonda ramble kind of way.....why on earth would they take a site that was at least "loading" and overall functional to the sellers there and then make much ado about how "wonderful" the new Zibbet was going to be and then when they had soooooooo many problems and bugs and broken stuff that still is getting worse instead of better.....
why pray tell are both of those CEO's hiding and do not have the balls to get in that community and be there for the community and reassuring them that they are doing their damndest to fix what is BROKEN....yes no manner of "smoke screens or handmaiden hollahs" is going to cover this up any time soon.....the rebuild is so far a DEBUILD.....and they are losing sellers and any hopes of finding more buyers as the days go by.

This of course has not been a 12 days of any type of "You will LOVE it" gifts at all......
in fact there are probably 12 squared at least real problems going on there right now.
After that big exodus of sellers handing over premium $ to Zibbet many can recall how Jono and Andy  were once falling all over themselves to post in the Zibbet hub....and the die hards still left there even supporting them at a time of a huge opinion....
get off of your arse Jono and Andy.....and yes we know you have several other interests.....
but first and foremost.....
one of you needs to get your butt into that hub and also send out a newsletter telling your paying premium sellers that the least you can do is offer them a month free due to your Zibbet rebuild failure so far....and if you are not able to fix all the stuff that is broken in a timely manner you need to offer them more and more as the time goes by until you are able to fix it if indeed you are capable of fixing it at this point.
These people who have been there and seen your downfalls and are still there hoping that you will make it right.....
guess what?
You Jono and Andy and Hackerlabs....need to step up to the plate and offer compensation in the meantime you are trying to fix the obvious fail that you have orchestrated.
Or do you think it is okay to keep taking their money that you have not earned?
Or was that some sort of God's plan where you are simply entitled to do what you want whenever and wherever? :D


  1. I disagree totally. Zibbet owes a refund to every premium seller. They have NEVER provided the services they promised when we bought. NEVER. And this rebuild, whether faked with a few cosmetics or actually paid for by Jonathan Peacock and Andrew Gray WITH OUR MONEY, doesn't work. FULL REFUNDS. It's the honorable thing to do.

  2. I should clarify, I disagree that a month free for premiums is enough. Whole refunds are owed.

  3. Or do you think it is okay to keep taking their money that you have not earned?

    Apparently the answer is Yes. The sellers who cannot find the forums cannot find the info about the site and will get frustrated and leave. Those who have shops and know about the hub but are deemed to evil to be allowed in the forums, will get frustrated and leave. Those who cannot get into their shops at all will leave. Those who cannot wait 45 minutes for an order to go through will leave.

    The last accurate measurement of active shops before the shut down was 7025. I would guess by now it's more like 6000. Smoke and mirrors on the front page will not hide the dismal site beyond.

    To the sellers who are not blinded by the grace of Z, leave and go elsewhere to make a living.

    To those who will stay until the last rotting moment of time when your shop has cobwebs and the foul smell of death, enjoy your last moments. No one else cares.

  4. agrees with ya'll :)
    but would answer to Robin's point that we have already seen that the Zibbet CEO's could have offered full refunds at the get go and saved themselves lots of bad press so to speak. But they chose to take a different path and try to silence and monitor anyone who spoke out about them.
    I think at this point small baby steps might be in order if they have any hopes of saving the venue. They need to offer their "die hard Zupporters" compensation for the "new Zibbet" being down and not loading and basically tore up from the floor up.
    Jono of course can not "blame" someone else for what he deemed "EVERYONE will LOVE the NEW Zibbet"
    maybe they should have paid their ruby on rails and migration team better....who knows?
    All we know at this point is that from what we can see....the "NEW" Zibbet is Waaaaaaaaaaay worse than the old Zibbet and that in itself is sad and bad all at the same time for everyone who ever spent any time at all believing that the site would get better :=(

  5. Have to add this 12 days of Zibbet view that a dear friend of mine (and also Ex-Zibbet seller) came up with
    just hum the 12 days song and sing along
    dang.... I sure do have some creative funny and innovative friends :)
    12 Dingbats Dinging
    11 Peacocks Peeing
    10 Liars Lying
    9 Zibbitches bitching
    8 Maidens tweeting
    7 Zwans a-zwimming
    6 Geese a-laying
    5 Gold dinars
    4 Mother beers
    3 Hackers hacking
    2 Missing founders
    And a website that won't even load
    dad gum I sure do love Christmas caroling!