Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some #Zibbet rebuild reflections and cult connections kind of ramble

So we waited for the Zibbet rebuild and at this point I would have to say that I was honestly hoping for more. Jono had been saying that everyone was gonna love it and so far I'm not hearing that is happening much out in cyberspace. And for any of you clan members out there who are thinking "Oh she wouldn't have liked it if it was perfect"....hate to burst your thought bubble but that's just not true. All you really need to do is to listen to what the over all consensus is regarding this rebuild and so far people are not loving it...many of them are not even liking it.
What I found rather odd in my own case is that while so many people are complaining they can't get into their shops..can't get them to load....etc.
I am one who has had my shop at Zibbet on vacation for quite some time. Waiting to see if the rebuild is going to make it worthwhile to spend any more time trying to make it work. Waiting to see if any management type of changes will be happening. And who knows? The boyzz have been trying to shop this venue to investors since day some like me are out here still waiting and thinking that things could turn around and head in a positive direction....nothing is impossible right? With a lifetime membership...have had the shop on vacay and just waiting to see if the site gets better.
So imagine my surprise when a friend messages me and tells me that my Zibbet shop has suddenly opened back up and had almost 500 things listed in the new rebuild over there on the "other side" so to speak. She had noticed it because a link to my items were at the bottom of her shop. She sent me the link to my items at the bottom of her shop and the first thing I noticed was that Zibbet had re-listed a necklace that I had un-listed there a long time ago.  As a matter of fact...this same necklace sold at Etsy in August of last year..that's how long ago it had been unlisted at Zibbet. :=) So needless to say--- I re-set my password and went in to un-list everything that Zibbet had re-listed for me. I noticed that a lot of the ephemera items were so stretched out and pixelated that you could barely tell what they were... I also noticed that many of the items were listed in duplicates over and over as I went through the pages (even though they are one of a kind items). So I would have to say that I was one who instead of having magically disappearing items.... I actually had items that magically reappeared and even multiplied. 
Yes bugs happen and they certainly will need to do a lot of tinkering on these things but my observation so far is that some one in their tech department should have started a thread and given some at least basic pointers instead of just leaving all of those people stranded not having a clue what to do. In my opinion this all has to do with what I have been thinking for quite some time that they have proven over and over again that they are totally lacking in managerial skills.
So in seeing that Zibbet had made some sort of milestone got me to reminiscing about my Early Zibbet experience.
I still remember landing in that Community and being astounded at what a nice welcoming friendly bunch they seemed to be. I also was thinking about a couple of spats I got into with some gals whom I had seen badmouthing Zibbet on Etsy and then they were calling Zibbet a cult. I can remember my angst and frustration of "HOW DARE THEY??? How dare they call these nice friendly people Cult-like???"
And it's all so funny now and sometimes seems a bit surreal. 
The links and Zibbet experiences that people have since posted on the net were not out there back then. Nothing was really "out" there so to speak. But now all one would have to do is look at where the original 60,000 seed money for Zibbet came from and one would understand reasons why the Cult references often pop up.
And to look back and see how some of these people I had once defended and thought of as so caring and nice--- were actually members of "hidey holes" and their own little clans where they told lies and spread them about fellow Zibbeters, where they blindly went along and agreed with things they knew absolutely nothing about, where they would turn on people who had done absolutely nothing to them, where they would show their support for some of the most vindictive people I have ever seen....
well it's just all part of that live and learn I suppose.
Back then there were some of them that I knew were simply way different than me and we didn't have much if anything in common. I belonged to this sampler team and I remember being amused when some of them were not happy about how their most popular reviewer was constantly saying in the videos how much she loves me. And the reason for that is because the reviewer and I had a real connection and actually got to know one another and that is only one of the friendships I made as a result of being on Zibbet that I will always be thankful for. And there are indeed reasons why people are put into one another's paths...sometimes it might just be that the reason is so that you will find someone else along the way.
But I can honestly say that my Zibbet learning experience was seeing what many of these at first impression so called "welcoming friendly people" truly turn out to be like. They will definitely turn clannish at the drop of a dime if you happen to ask the wrong question or if they are friends with someone who starts rumors or lies or if you OHMAhGOD....happen to say something they think is bad about Jono. LOL!
At the end of the day...they've got a big problem in their meddling little hands here---
they are not exactly bringing in many new people from Twitter.....the naysayers are growing larger day by day.
There is no fan fare or excitement about the new Zibbet in the Etsy forums....
too many Etsians have been there tried that and speak up about it in the forums there.
So where are they going to find new people to hopefully one day make the venue grow?
Well the powers that be are going to have to start doing some sort of advertising or something. The only advertisement I have seen so far is a circus tent that asks you to sign up to be a Zibbet seller.
And the last I heard...
is that not many buyers are scrambling over there to enter items into their shopping baskets on the new Zibbet....heck....a lot of the sellers are still having a hard time getting the site to load.
Think buyers are gonna be as patient and stick around? Doubt it. Funny thing is they said they were going to gear the new site towards mobile devices but seems like those on mobile devices so far have the biggest complaints of how wonky the whole thing is.
Anyhoo.... at the end of the day this is one thing I hope some of ya'll out there reading this might reconsider. Because fact is that some of ya'll in that little clan are constantly reading what I have to say here..even though I am not seeking you out..LOL! But I want to reiterate that I've seen some very nice friendly people who have recently been hurt by your little group for no reason at all. They didn't do anything to you and in fact seemed quite supportive and stayed out of the drama.
And some of ya'll are not very nice at all even though you want to keep telling each other you are. There's a pretty big group of people who have compared notes at this point and not shocking at all to see that so many of ya'll claiming to be the so called "victims" are indeed the ones starting most of the dad gum trouble in the first place. More and more people out there are seeing that some of ya'll are indeed hypocritical meddling fibbing little troublemakers and you are not acting in a very Christian manner at all! I guess what I am trying to say is that next time some of ya'll want to go on another "Witch Hunt" should save yourself some time.  Just stop and look in the mirror.
In the meantime let's hope this team at Hackerlabs can get the Zibbet De-build headed back into a real Re-build direction.
The hard working sellers there deserve exactly that. Bottom line. They have waited long enough. It's that simple!

Peace ya'll and remember there's always time to go back and connect some of those dots and follow the bouncing ball.

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