Wednesday, May 16, 2012

About My Recent Facebook Fan Buying Experiment......

Okay I've often seen the links and "pop-ups"---"buy Twitter Fans"  "get immediate Facebook Fans" etc. , but I had no idea how easy and quick and cheap it is to buy a massive amount of fans.
First of all I think that for the most part....forums are helpful, educational, and often thought provoking.  And ever since I put my shop on vacay on Etsy...I have lurked in the forums but I rarely say anything because quite frankly...I often do not have anything helpful or thought provoking to offer when I am there :) 
I have been following a couple of threads there and on another venue about a new site that many people eagerly anticipated.  And honestly...I was really looking forward to the launch myself.  I believe in competition...I think that we need more and more successful handmade venues and that a successful venue will indeed help others on other handmade venues and that the more options one has to sell on is a good thing!  And even though this launch has had a lot of problems....I still hope they are able to regroup and do well. No one expected them to jump out of the gate like gangbusters and the fact that they are trying to provide a viable option for sellers is something that I think they still need some time and consideration for.  A lot of wonderful sellers are looking forward to that...and I am one who often roots for the "underdog" in any situation.  That being is my recent experience and I chose to share it because I think more people should know about how easy this is.
Okay....on one of these threads someone suggested that the "fans" that many people kept referring ("Wow! They have this many fans! " )yada yada someone said that they could have possibly been "purchased".  This gets my curiosity going ...I'm wondering "Could someone possibly purchase this many fans?" I go and google "Buy Facebook Fans"...and there are pages of people in the business of selling fans.....and I see how cheap it really is to buy huge quantities of fans at one time....and I figure WTH?  Let's see how quick and easy this really is and if this "huge" Fan base happens.  I won't list the company I used because they don't need my promotion...just do the google and you will see for yourself how many of them there are :)  I don't keep track of my FB stats very often....I like Facebook...but I pretty much use my page to share and to keep up with my cyber friends who are into handmade and vintage.  I think I have gotten maybe 2 sales from my Facebook links....but some people say that it is their #1 marketing tool.  The fact that there are business pages of course means that many will advertise and do things to draw people to their page..I really don't see anything "super shady" with "buying" fans either except that from a "business" aspect I don't think that these "Fans" are going to bring you many sales :)  To me the thing that is wrong with it is that people may "assume" you are more popular than you really are and many out there have no idea that "fans" can be "bought". here is a paste of my recent FB page update that came after I made the "fan" purchase..I'm pretty sure that my Fans from this purchase so far have topped the 9,000 mark...I had no idea that the increase would happen so quickly ...I also do not know if these "fans" are bots or real people...I have no clue how this works..I only know that my "fan" base  grew really fast.
Hi Rhonda,
Here is this week's summary for your Facebook Page:
Spanky LUVS Vintage 2
New LikesTalking About ThisWeekly Total Reach
7,0097,027 +24,996.4% 6,202 +389.9%
And I posted a link to this on the Etsy forum because a lot of people there were certainly unaware that "Fans" can be bought.  And I just feel that "ones'" popularity if you are "judging" by their # of fans....can obviously be quite deceiving. 
I also noticed that the place where the majority of my "likers" came from also happens to be in Romania which was a strange coincidence that I honestly had no idea was going to happen. (But now the other page that was being discussed on that Etsy thread  shows that either New York or London is currently their most popular city.)  I do think that I should also add that when I "bought " "Fans" the site did  have an option of spending more money to get more "localized" "Likes".....but I just wanted to see how fast and how many ...and it certainly was fast and cheap!  Now....maybe there are a lot of crafters and vintage lovers in Bucharest.....and maybe someone bought some "likers" for someone else... there are a lot of maybes and possibilities here....  All I know is that it was easy to get a lot of "Fans" ....that it does happen...and it probably happens a lot......and maybe this really works for some people. Who knows?  It also made me wonder how many "Fans" that people with a lot of money could actually have if they wanted to buy them :).......

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