Sunday, May 20, 2012

No issues today because I'm in my awesome bubble LOL...A.k.a.--"NTOA"---"NO thorny ones allowed" hee-hee

 My FAVE phrase for the day...NTOA LOL!!!!......

 So I didn't respond to her little comment on the "other" thread because unlike some people..when I say something I try to mean it...and I said I was outie from the thread and I do indeed wish the sight good I'm not even going to give her the time of day there LOL! She doesn't deserve any added attention on this one and  I feel that the concerns and issues need to stay on topic ...(and not become a tirade  about her personal vendetta against me )  :) I simply answered to the bullchit innuendo she made about me.....and am done with it---
So...she said this there.......

XXXXRoXXXX--- Thank you XXXXX! I don't even read what she writes because she has been doing this for four months now. And I see she didn't have the courage to do so under the name everyone knows her by. And I do wish TheCraftStar well. Bethan knows that. :)

And #1 ---- pretty funny  :) that the person she thanked there had already responded to a message from me (which included the path to "a big can of worms" link on my little ole blog...) and "J" is well aware of my opinion---that this thorny one took THIS  issue and tried to make it a personal one..... so I of course followed old thornsters' lead and got more personal about it LOL!
#2.... Most people that I know would agree  that making a post with your actual real name that you have signed in with on FaceBook----is the name that everyone "knows you by" LMAO!---(instead of a shop name or other "fake names") ... and most would think that it tends to show that you are not afraid and  it is certainly NOT  a sign of "cowardice" hee-hee
#3....yes it is one thing to wish the sight "well" most of the time....but it is a big thing to me and those I know.... if you ALSO GO  behind anothers' back and badmouth them as well...(which in my opinion is pretty much how this one rolls)..and you would think that at the age of 56---(the last time I looked)...that she would finally stop bringing on the "highschool" mentality ..but yah...if she kicks the first sand----she might indeed get a few reactions every now and then LOL! (But hey! She never reads them right? LOL!)
#4...... for someone who doesn't read what I write...she certainly must be extremely psychic and should perhaps quit her day job....because her "innuendos" and comments on this one topic of---"buying FB fans" alone ...if one looks at what she has posted in different places ..they are certainly directed at little ole and eye.... quite a feat for someone who doesn't read anything I post ---Miraculous!!---( to say the least) ---Heh-heh :)
and finally #5-----I totally have her on ignore and don't care what she does.....until she creepily creeps over into my world and starts once again "falsifying" the facts..... that's when I took notice and had to call her out once again on what I think is a very wishy washy nature..........
but hey!  Today I'm in my awesome bubble again...and the ignore button is on.....and yep!  It's all good in the "Hood" LOL! No issues today :)

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