Friday, May 11, 2012

Honk if you love vintage Honk! And A boho disco surviving necklace

Sometimes when I am listing my vintage jewelry pieces I get these flash backs and just have to go with the moment :)


Bohemian Brass Vintage Choker necklace


We interrupt this commercial to bring you a "honk if you love vintage" HONK!.....Okay so back to the task at hand......hee-hee
This necklace still has the "Made in India" tag attached. Gheez....when I think of all those nights I spent sweating my hiney off disco dancing while sporting this's amazing the tag still lives on :)....
So the opening at the back of this necklace is currently 4"..and it is somewhat semi-adjustable....the width of the band is 1/4" wide.
"Burn baby burn disco inferno" long will I have that stuck in my head now?...YES!!! I really need someone to take this necklace off of my :)

Thanks for visiting my shop :=)

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