Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Grand baby keeps creating more supplies for me LOL!

I'm sharing one of the things I listed on Zibbet grand baby Chloe loves playing ,exploring, and jacking up Gamma's jewelry LOL!...She has given me a lot more "supplies" lately..because her grip and "yanks" are getting stronger....hee-hee...anyways....I love sharing my jewelry with her ..and get such a kick out of her being "fascinated"  with it....of course  I also enjoy sharing it with everyone else hee-hee :).... here is something I made today out of something she broke on Mother's Day .....

Pink Shell MOP Recycled Vintage Handmade Necklace


On Mother's Day I wore one of my favorite pink vintage necklaces. It had several of these "Made in the Philippines " mop black cream and pink shell pieces mixed with pink and white and black shells. So my Grand baby Chloe gave it a nice little yankeroo and pieces were falling all over the place. LOL! I told her "No worries! Gamma can make a lot of new things out of this now" And she is only a little over a year old so I am sure she understood exactly what I was talking about ♥ ♥
So I combined some 80s pink and gold plastic beads with a few of the shells to create the 5" wide focal. I added it to a 15" copper length chain. I'm also gonna include a pic of "Chloe" here because if it weren't for her exploring many of my old jewelry pieces....I wouldn't have the chance to have so many supplies to recreate new things :)

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vintage beads,vintage shell,copper wire,copper chain

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