Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Hollyhocks and hanging on the porch with the Doves :)

There's something about this time of year that often seems to re-energize my zen.   When my hollyhocks start blooming I also know that the doves on the porch will also have an egg or two in the pot.  They were a bit late arriving this year and I was almost wondering if something had happened to them.  I was glad they chose one of the "Corona" buckets again...because that was a "lucky" spot last year where both of their babies survived.  Whenever they arrive each year I try to stop watering 2 or three of the baskets near them so as not to startle them...but I sometimes forget about them being there when I am watering and we find ourselves "startling" one another once in awhile :)  So two babies hatched the other day...and they seem to be content at this point chillin' in the's a few pics that I took today..... hope that May brings a lot of smiles to ya'll out there :)

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