Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thorny Toad Tales In A Nutshell

Okay....I'm not gonna beat around the rose bush on this one :).......
ever since I put my "button pusher" on IGNORE  I seriously haven't cared one iota  about what she says or does.... however...since she has recently made it a point to boldy make statements regarding her assumptions  about my "needs and motivation" regarding a recent experiment of mine.......I'm not giving her a free pass on this one :(
She said that I did it because I need the attention for myself....and all I can say is that if not being afraid to speak up about something  means that someone is seeking attention...then okay....go ahead and assume that LOL!  But quite frankly..all of the people who have THANKED me for bringing it to their attention ....far outweighs any negative backlash that may or may not result from me sharing my "experiment".
And since she obviously thinks it is okay to post assumptions about is what I think about her seemingly repeated method of operation-----
In my opinion..ole thorny one still seems to be up to her old tricks....
In this case---- she goes to one venue and "badmouths" another venue.....then she hops over  to the venue she was badmouthing and tells them not to pay attention to what people are saying over at the other venue and that they don't have to defend themselves.  And how does she think that these people are not going to see what she has been saying about them over at the other venue? When all they have to do is look ....  :(
Things that make you go HMNNNN?????? LOL :)  And those are my thoughts in a old wrinkly nutshell hee-hee.

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