Sunday, May 4, 2014

a Bit Of A what the Z? pondering and will ya cast a prayer for some in your spare time situation

Yep here I am doing it again.  Forgive me and think about me in your nightly prayers kind of post here if this some how pisses some of ya'll out there off. 
Okay there..... got that out of the way in a hurry I s'pose.
So my thoughts for this eve are simply this.... maybe a few this's and that's but here it goes anyways :)
1st of all there was once this thing called the zibbet Ning community....and the last time I looked it is still there.
But when I used to look quite often it seems I found this kind of 'splanation from the heads at the top when peeps wanted changes made to the hub environment.  The powers that be kind of said things like..... "The hub is a Ning platform and we don't have control over those changes."
Okay so flash forward to uhmmmm what? A couple of weeks ago...when a Zibbet forum member was uploading more of his blog posts to the front page of the Ning Community Hub.
Now granted..... just as I always say here.....
my blog posts are my thoughts and mine alone. At the same time... I am posting these thoughts here on my blog far away from the Zibbet hub and forum.... and those who have found me and my thoughts regarding Zibbet have mostly found those by finding me on other media...( as the last time we looked....)
I am not in the Zibbet Community any longer right?  And even though most out here would agree that I got the mute and boot because of my own personal thoughts that I state far far away from the Zibbet Community.....
well gee....some folks they do link things there....
(or did.....until a few days ago)
right there on the front page.
Thoughts like
someone was ungodly for groping their breasts and please avert your eyes (when the link was actually about a mother breast feeding her child).
thoughts like.... if you don't believe in the ONE and ONLY true God....well not much hope for your sorry ass kind of stuff.
Just truly truly truly
a butt load of judgmental stuff....
that yes indeedy......
everyone here has a right to their own opinions.
But.....question was....
did those opinions really belong on that front page of that Zibbet hub?
Especially after so many out here in cyberland are well aware of those who were muted and booted for not going along with Andy's plan.
The thing is that not much of it at all really makes a difference.
The controversial poster actually had very very few views in that ghost town of a Zibbet hub until a few people actually saw what was being linked to the seller front page that any new buyer would land on.
Then a short lived thread on Etsy (because very few on Etsy are interested ) anywhoo those with experience spoke about the goings on and the Zibbet listings continued to fall.
They are still falling.
Even dinosaurs and chicken little would indeed agree that the sky still seems to be falling over there at Zibbet. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to key in on that theory.
Facts is facts aren't they?
Strange thing that suddenly did happen though....
is that you know the Ning platform that those honchos always said they had not much control over?
well kind of strange that this Christian blogger dude who was posting his blogs and caused a bit of a controversy when those flames were bursting out of his head...
yep..... didn't take long for that Zibbet Ning hub to 
imagine this for a second..........
the Blog page is no longer seen when you land 
in the Ning community.
Wow!  Someone was able to change that up in a hurry 
jeepers creepers jump all over that why don't cha and get er done yep yep yep.
Now getting back to all of that judge others "so -called" professional and unwelcoming kind of behavior still going on over there.
One of those kind Christian folk recently stated this

Yes, the times we are in makes it difficult for us believers. 
whilst referring to this so called situation.
And I've just gotta say
that these are my feelings (as a God fearing Christian the last time I looked)

If you truly believe in something....
nothing is really that difficult.
Perhaps certain difficult situations result when believers are not believing in what they should be investing their time in.????
here's a clue....

The last time I looked.....
Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson considered themselves "us BELIeVERS"
and we all know how that deal worked itself out right?

Sometimes.....people believe in the wrong things.
And just because they do not know they are wrong still does not give them the right to judge everyone else.

That's just my 2 cents on the most recent 
"WHAT The Z?????"
Hope ya'll have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow.

Peace ya'll whether or not you spend a part of the day sitting on a church pew. :)
I still have faith that God loves all of us.
count me in as one
who does believe in the 
beauty of man kind
key word