Saturday, May 17, 2014

More thoughts on how scammers sometimes make you a bit more jaded.

Sometimes I post when I am upset about things and I have told myself a few times that perhaps I should just never hit publish until I have "cooled" off so to speak. But in a lot of these situations writing about the issue or topic is my own sort of therapy.  No one is right all of the time and I have said it over and over and over.... I understand that everyone makes mistakes....I certainly have made more than a few.  However if you have a good heart and good intentions.... at the end of the day....
simply trying to be the best person that you can be at the time is what I try to base my life on.
I was telling a friend the other day that you don't always have to be nice.  You should be most of the time. But you don't always have to be.  And the reason is that life is not perfect and people are not perfect.
I wrote a post a couple of nites ago about how some people deal differently with what life tosses in their paths. And I don't walk in other people's shoes so I can only use my own
examples of what I have seen and my opinions regarding what I think.
So the post was about scammers and how they make people skeptical.
My morning that day had not started out untypical for most of my mornings these days.  In pain... stove up....feeling like I am walking on eggshells....but hey! I'm alive....I'm vertical and we're gonna live that day as though it might be my last.
On the drive to work I stop at the light and in the middle of the divider is a younger man on crutches with a "Hungry...need help" sign.
He has passed my first impression test..... he isn't smoking.
(I was a smoker for many years so I am not predjudiced against smokers)....but I have become a bit more jaded about handing out my hard earned money to people who say they are hungry but manage to somehow afford cigarettes. 
So I had $3 dollar bills and some change on the console rolled down the window and gave it to him and he gives me the "God Bless You" as I step on the gas and head to work.
Flash forward to lunch time and the Nephew got caught busy and couldn't do the lunch run so I ended up doing it. Keep in mind that this is only about the 2nd time this whole year that I have left the building to do a lunch run. 
I am a big believer in timing and paths.  I talk about it quite a bit.  So imagine my surprise as I am heading to Jack in the box and I happen to see this same young man who I had given money to that morning.....guess what he did?
He ran across the cross walk.... threw the crutches into the back of a pick up parked on the opposite side of the  street... and drove away in a pretty decent looking vehicle.
Well...shut the front door....bless my heart....Consider me scammed again. WTH....I was pretty mad but it was only a few bucks.  However....those 3 dollars could have bought me 3 of those bags of dollar mini cookies that Jack in the box has. Those suckers are pretty dang good :=)  And the dude on crutches that morning ran across that crosswalk later on that afternoon faster than I have been able to run in years.  He should have been the one giving me money LOL!
And I had this eerie feeling that someone had placed me at this time at that cross walk so that I could see how I had been scammed and to tell me to start thinking more with my head instead of my heart. And to start opening up my eyes a bit more and stop feeling so sorry for those who are able to help themselves.
So yep.... I am getting more jaded the older I get.  Does this mean that I will stop helping people when I can or that I will stop giving to people that I feel are truly in need if I am able to do so?  Of course not.
But it does mean that scammers out there make it harder for those in need to get help.  And for that I say shame on them.  Bottom feeders . bottom line.
The real point I was trying to make clear in my other ramble....most of all is about how I have come to believe that some people use their weaknesses as a means to look  for more excuses to be weaker...and other people have weaknesses that make them even stronger in the long run.
Me I'm just happy to be alive. I'm not gonna wake up every day finding reasons to be miserable.  I'm gonna find things to laugh about...and do everything I possibly can to enjoy the rest of my life.  Because the last time I looked....
you only have one of them.
And that's just how I roll.
You know another thing I've noticed lately?  It seems that people who constantly have to say things like "I'm not lying" when no one really called them a liar......seems to me they might be the ones constantly questioning themselves.  And maybe they aren't sure if they believe what they think they might believe.
That's my Rhonda Ramble and I'm stickin' to it :=)
Peace ya'll!  Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Im not looking for reasons to be miserable, but they seem to find me anyway

    1. I know Barbs...
      but if I happen to find people like you among that path....
      cool beans
      friends make miserable times bearable
      and we can not prevent miserable but we can fill our lives with good people to make us feel better.
      Thank you zizzybob for making my bad days better :)