Monday, May 12, 2014

Hollyhocks and Snails and puppy dog tails that's what some little girls and Mother's Day are made of

The kids stopped by yesterday eve and the grand babes were so excited to present me with my flower gift.
We're already seeing some hella-hot days here in Bako and hubby tells me this morning that the temps are supposed to be in triple digits very soon.  Needless to say... we had the water running in the front for quite a bit before the kids showed up and then had a huge snail party of visible crawlers.
Lexie picked one up and said "Hey what should I do with the snail?"  So I told her that Grandpops normally tosses them out into the street and she says "OHMAHGOD! Don't you realize these are living creatures????"  So  I tell her "Well I usually get a cup of vinegar and toss them in because I don't like them chewing up all of my flowers and leaves..would you like to do that instead?"
And this turned into a big snail hunt kind of like an Easter Egg hunt but this time...snails were being hunted 
and easily found I might add :)

The girls weren't a bit afraid of these slimy thangs that had invaded mee little garden.  Then Chloe and Lexie filled up these little glass pendants with flowers from the garden and picked a few Hollyhocks while they were gathering.

My leetle garden fairies were keeping the dogs amused and wagging their tails and it was nice to see "Bill" back to his old frisky self...

Kev and Momma Sarah were relaxing on the bench and Molly was trying to get some Momma Day loving being that she is a Momma after all......
Hubby and Kev always manage to strike a decent pose and made this Momma smile knowing what a great step daddy he has been to Kev-o :=)
Then my diva girls were trying out the recycled table that we painted awhile back and still haven't found the time to drop off on their patio....
And this old gamma smiled a bunch on Mother's Day 2014.  A bittersweet day of missing my dear Momma but thinking of so many wonderful memories at the same time......
Life is good in the Hood
and every day vertical is a good one.
We like to spice it up and get a little cray cray round here....
but you're always welcome as long as the porch light is on :)
Hope all of you fabulous beautiful women out there had a wonderful weekend.  And cheers snails and puppy dog wagging tails to a great week ahead!


  1. Awe, What a sweet family you have.

    1. thank you sweet Cstar from another meestar
      I luvs me some Gypsy bling!