Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Google Ning and a #Zibbet closed forum

I'm sure some of ya'll have already considered this.
Surely you have. Maybe?
One of the aspects as far as we can tell about a closed Ning forum is that Google does not crawl it anymore.
One of the things I used to really like about the Ning Hub is that even though for the past several months there seemed to be fat chance of Google sightings of Zibbet items...... it seems I could still find Google images from items that had been posted in the Zibbet hub.  
Some people do Google searches keying in their shop name or exact titles or do not do it incognito (meaning that Google is going to show them what they have already been clicking on or are most likely going to want to see. ) In order to really see what others are seeing.....go incognito 
no.... I did not say GO commando! ....pull yer panties back up :=)
If Google is no longer crawling the Zibbet Hub is it useless to promote and show me your whatevers?  Well not exactly..... 
as long as there are several people sharing what you have shared there on other social media.... it has a chance of being crawled and hopefully linking back to your shop.  But up until they closed the Zibbet forums......
in my own opinion....
I always felt that posting pics in the Hub was your main chance of Google finding your Zibbet listings.  It seemed they were indeed crawling the Ning hub even while many found their listings on Zibbet were not showing up on Google.
And I am not saying that if you list something on another venue that you will easily get found on the front pages
but what I am saying is that if Google is not crawling a site.....
you might be better off spending your spare time promoting your items on the other social medias that Google is in fact crawling.
If you can figure out a better way to get more people in the Hub to share members' items.....
then the chance of selling will be much easier than it has proven to be for many. 
But until more members are there sharing lots of interesting listings.....
the last time I looked there are not a lot of buyers in the Community 
Well let me rephrase that.....
for some there...the only sales they have made so far were from Community members.
But isn't the object when you list your wares on the net to try and get them out there and seen in the Big world?
I still think that at the end of the day.....
this closed type of situation absolutely benefits the CEO's and not the sellers.
They might be doing away with someone who might discourage a seller from buying a premium membership
but at the same time they do not seem to have a care that they have blocked potential new sellers and buyers from joining in on all of that fun in the first place.
Closing up the hub seems a bit drastic one would think
After all...they could have moderators who could very easily remove whatever posts are not to their liking.
They could even very easily remove people who say things they don't like being said
Jeeps they were already doing that quite well weren't they?
And everything that has already been crawled has been cached by Google so it will still be out there when people search.
But making a forum private means exactly that....
they have shut it off from some of your potential buyers.
It's nice to share with Community members what you have recently listed.....
but if the intention is to list and also sell something..
a closed Community kind of shuts off your chances of the item being seen unless it is shared elsewhere.
A lot.
And then some.
And then a lot more
Happy sharing.

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