Monday, May 26, 2014

#Zibbet reflections....#Etsy testing #c-3 #under the surface

I support freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
Awhile back a certain person got caught with his twitter tweet pants pulled down and it was linked to his Zibbet Ceo account.

Controversy abounded and rebounded but because I had no relationship/knowledge of the Andy in question.... I remember this question....from that C-3 controversy

6. Is Jonathan a Pastor in a C3 or City Harvest or other affiliated Church?
the answer was indeed "NO"
but anyone who cared to look could easily find this.....

The mates, who met through a church group in south-west Sydney, initially wanted to create a marketplace for fine art.

no....Jonathan was not a Pastor but yes.....the church that him and Andy had/have in common indeed seemed to be the tie that bound them.

But acting like one did not have to do with the other was perhaps a misconception.  Damn... I would have much preferred them to have been old grammar school chaps
just sayin'....................

and would like to state again that I feel the venue currently does not have much to offer in the way of sales for vendors there.  Those who are currently fed up with all the testing that Etsy constantly does would be better off to consider a stand alone and spend whatever time you have to get that going.
Time...... you can never get it back.  

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