Sunday, May 18, 2014

Maybe they've finally figured out how to get Zibbet trending on Twitter!

First of all..... full disclosure.... I borrowed that title phrase from a friend of mine.....and it made me laugh but so ironic that you just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried kind of thang.
(I'd also add that this made me think of Kamikaze Zibbet Style)
Did the admins at Zibbet drop zeee bomb or pull the plug on the ship?
They sent someone in to say she was tired of being tag teamed picked on and mistreated...or whatever that was....
and fact is most people in the cyber world kind of look at this one as the pouncer and bouncer over there in the Z hub who tells everyone else about how vile and viperish they are acting.
 the side bets are
#1-this Zibbet handmaiden has already served her purpose and people there are tired of what she keeps saying....
#2-Andy and Jon sent her in as a sacrifice for the venue to create some sort of NON drama about supposedly being "attacked" and now she really is outie there.
I mean I know all about Kamikaze Pilot situations so I'd say if she is really gone...that dive she took without the helmet deserves at least a couple of seconds of internet fame hey?
The night the lights went out in Georgia (insert Zibbet hub)...insert they hung an innocent man with (someone said they got hung but from the outside looking in appeared as though not so nicey was always in fact kind of hung on herself ) and yep....maybe had a secret kind of love thang obsession for the powers that be... but hey....pure speculation on that handmaiden obsession speculation that keeps circulating out here in cyber land.
So long story short.....
Because we all know how RUMORS get started over there and some really need to be taken with a grain of salt kind of thang...
they evidently closed the hub after shutting down the "rebuild thread"
What is it about this rebuild forever and ever question that continues to cause so dog gone much turmoil and angst over there ?  Well awhile ago (key phrase "awhile ago") someone said something about how they could have already rebuilt the elusive rebuild at this point. Seriously. They really could have.
And why beat around the bush?
Why close off a forum to all new people landing there?
Why do that kind of thing to sellers who are promoting that venue until their bush is blue and dragging? They have busted their bush promoting a venue and working on their shops and basically 
for what?
Oh bright idea....
anyone who googles Zibbet
now has to sign up 
when they land in the community to find out about it?
Damn cookie.....
beat my bush and shut the front door
the last time I looked the only people who would actually sign up for anything would actually want to view the "community" or whatever it was called before they would sign up to see anything at all.
Sellers just got another shot in the foot before they had a chance out of that rebuild gate jump start so many were still hoping for.
Placing more restrictions on a site that is already not being seen and where sellers are not getting sales because of little to no traffic?
Who thought this one up?
I would have to place my bet......
not on those 2 new site techs (they said they hired.)
Most people would realize that the way to get business is to make it as easy as possible for people to become acquainted with said venue.
And the day when Ceo's and what is left of the certain group of forum runners decide to get all pissy pants and say
"Boo hoo you have to be a member before you can see what is going on around here"
Damn.... that kind of stinks like more hidey holes and behind the scenes kind of things that in no way shape or form benefits the sellers there who are trying their darndest to sell their wares.
But the $79 or is it $89 now dollar question????
Who does it benefit?
Yep this kind of move (in my opinion) does indeed benefit the CEO's who are in the market of selling Premium seller accounts. And Ceo's who by the way do not currently benefit from Final Value Fee sales from Sellers there.
And some of those people out there who continually want to call some people vile and vipers and all of that spam....
for simply questioning the Zibbet plan and actions up until this point.
I still stick to my opinion and say that there never would have been a problem in the first place if people would have simply admitted their mistakes and been honest.
Seems that when that huge influx of sellers came last Fall and gave that Premium seller $ because they truly believed in the heart of the venue......
many of those experienced ones who could have truly brought the site to the next level...
bottom line
they came
they saw
they left
yep.... I said it awhile back
the momentum has indeed left the building.
But I will say this tonite
this recent "closed community" move further kills any chance 
of more sellers 
or Buyers (GASP)
to land in the first place.
And tonite.....
yep they might have finally figured out how to get Zibbet trending on Twitter....
and it was because a bomb got dropped in the forums
not due to a Twitter bomb
gotta go clutch some more of my pearls peeps...
seriously best wishes to all sellers still doing their damndest to try and sell something there.

Jonathan Peacock (Zibbet's CEO)replied to HeirloomAngel (Angela)'sdiscussion Forum Visibility
"The Community Hub is currently closed to members only. Any Zibbet seller is welcome to become a member to view and participate in the forum (participation is not required).Any sellers that have been suspended from the community for misconduct will…"

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  1. A Twitter bomb that blew out the whole damn place. Way to go A and J.