Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who in this world is really disabled?

Well... here's my Rhonda ramble for the week as I have been thinking for a few days about disabilities and problems and about 
the things that break some people actually 
others to be the best that they can be.
A dear friend and I were having a conversation awhile back and I told her that 
" Some people use their weaknesses to fall back on and other people develop a way to use their weaknesses to make them better people. "

and bottom line is that I know people in wheelchairs who have very good jobs. 
I know people who had terrible childhood's and yet... they used that as a driving force to become successful and in many cases 
RICH $ wise and life wise.

Some people seem to capitalize on any and every thing wrong in their life and want sympathy or expect everyone to help them because they have no clue how to help themselves.

I wouldn't consider myself the strongest person on the planet in no way shape or form.  I do know that with all of the physical ailments I currently have that I would qualify for a handicap license plate and could collect $ for disability.
But I do not want to stop living.  Knowing that I can still thrive is the thing that keeps me thriving.
Granted....when the small strokes happened awhile back.... I was very frustrated because I always knew that even though my body was letting me down I would always still have my mind to fall back on.
Well ....have yourself a couple of strokes and then ask yourself how confident you are on having your mind to fall back on LOL!
My point if I am making any point at all is that I am a firm believer that any one out there who can still think clearly and who does have at least half of a brain will never be truly disabled.
If you have the can thrive.
If you are looking for everyone to feel sorry for you then you will just keep finding more reasons why you think that people should feel sorry for you.
There is no excuse for expecting others to come to your rescue and to lie about your situation though if in fact you still have talents.  
Help when you really need it is indeed a godsend.
Crying wolf and acting like your situation is worse than it actually is to me could really be the thing that ends up doing you in.
Bottom line....
I am not a fan of scammers.
Bottom line
I am still someone who gives money to strangers on the street  over and over even when my gut tells me not to.
But because there are so many scammers out there...
I often have doubts about people who say they need help.
I guess it comes from my upbringing and knowing that family first will always help those in need.
I recently saw this thread where someone was saying they need money so they would not have their energy shut off in their home.
Count me in as skeptical because 
they have family
they had a job advocating for the less fortunate
and there is a program in their county for help regarding utilities.
I'm not saying they did not need help.
I am saying that they had the means to help themselves.
And if they had been doing that in the first place instead of the "poor pitiful me" I think they would already be in a much better place than they are right now.
But people are different.
Some could be diagnosed with a disability and see that 90% of the people with this problem are leading productive lives and they would see this and chose to fight and be determined to conquer the situation and do everything they possibly could in order to retain a certain quality of life as they know it.
Others would immediately see themselves as part of the 10% before they are even actually there and simply lay down and get lazy and unmotivated and never ever will get better.
I guess my point is that a stranger on the street often gets my $ way before people on-line who start threads asking for money.
I'm not at all saying that people who do this do not deserve the money nor should they not get it.
I am saying that it is easier to give money to a stranger who says they are down on their luck than it is to give money to someone on line where you can research their past and also their present.
But at the end of the day.... I would say that whatever is in your heart at the moment you should go with.
I have always given to strangers because I feel that if I was ever in the situation where I had to walk up to someone and ask for a hand out that some angel out there would be on my shoulder to help me.
At the same time.... I am a firm believer that too many people out there do have the capabilities of helping themselves.  And if they can't they do have family who can give them the help that they temporarily need.
And if they still come out of that situation expecting that everyone else should give them something....
maybe they need to get a new need.
No one with a brain is disabled.
Think about it.
the possibilities are endless
especially in this dad gum cyber net day and age
Some people deserve help
others should concentrate on helping themselves
and thanking their lucky stars that they are alive and not suffering like so many other poor souls in this huge world we live in.
I only hope that those who try and do succeed at 
scamming  others...
I hope your situation does not soon 
get worse
because let's face it.....
if you are in the business of scamming people
your situation will get a lot worse
a whole lot worse
than it is right now
karma will get ya.
and the last time I looked
karma was alive and well and thriving.
and also has a very big brain :)

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