Friday, May 23, 2014

Comparing Zibbet to Etsy and Why The Etsy Testing should get me all riled up but doesn't much these days

I am writing this post remembering back to the day when I was a self titled "eBayaholic".....I lived every free moment I had buying selling and sharing on that site I once loved so dearly.
Flash forward to when John did this kind of stuff
In 2007, eBay's then soon to be named CEO John Donahoe complained about eBay "looking too much like a flea market." 

Prior to this change I could have seriously spent the rest of my spare time being happy at eBay and continually telling everyone I knew about how fab the place was.
But A.J.
(after John)
took the helm
people scattered all over the place and one venue that certainly benefited from that was Etsy.
I'll never forget how lucky I felt to have found that venue after the bull chit that had been pulled at eBay. 
Then what happened?  Well the venture capitalists came calling.... and Etsy....started changing.
I honestly don't remember what the 1st thing was that made me think WTH? how dare they? and prompted me to put the shop on vacay.  I soon got over it and do remember finding Zibbet later on because of over and over reseller issues and questions about where was Etsy really headed and then Rob was out and Chad was in and all of that stuff.  I missed a lot of it. 
After all I was happily promoting and believing in the new site I had found and was so patient just knowing that this was the place with the best integrity and intentions and where I wanted to grow my on-line business.  And I was happy to wait. (And promote and promote and promote in the meantime)
So flash forward to the October Etsy fall-out when they not only changed the feedback but also changed the definition of handmade......
This lead to a huge influx of new Zibbeters and I can't tell you how much I was truly excited that Zibbet was finally gonna take it to the next level! Whoo hooo! Let's go let's go let's go. I mean I was seriously gung ho and in let's get er done mode.
There was such an exodus that articles like these came about....

and I was kind of thinking to myself when I saw this article that I hadn't been hanging out in the zibbet forums much because not a whole heck of a lot was going on for a long time there....
but I was wondering who was the guy sitting next to  Jonathan in that pic?
Well.... if you have read my blog posts you might see that I finally found out who Andy was LOL!
but I would think that by
now ya'll by this point have noted the statement from that article linked above that quote
(yes quote) 
Zibbet is now targeting $1 million in revenue within the next 12 months and will next week officially launch a bid to raise $300,000 from Australian-based angel investors. 

Okay.....this and many many other reasons are now why I would not recommend for you dear on-line seller hoping to vend your wares... to abandon Etsy and place your egg in the Zibbet basket.
At this point it doesn't really matter what they have done or will do.
What does matter is that some of you out there in my position who are looking for another place to land because you are unhappy with Etsy changes and/or testing....

you might want to reconsider thinking about Zibbet as an option and save yourself some wasted time.  They have already noted that they were shopping the site to Angel investors (who evidently didn't take the bait by the way)
Bottom line is that if Zibbet finally ever does become successful.....
they will go down the VC funding path.
It has been well documented that they were already looking for it.

At the end of the day.... does Etsy doing another dad-gum test seem frustrating and does it piss me off sometimes/most of the time?
yes...and today I would have to say also no.
They have investors to answer to who are looking to make $ and to continually make improvements to the site.
I sometimes do picture those tech testers just pushing buttons to screw with peeps just because they can....
and yet at the same time I would say this...
when Etsy does a  test....
they are not testing whether or not you like the test...........
they in fact don't give a care whether or not you like the test.
and I know that now.
What does matter is this...
unless you plan on leaving for good......
it does not benefit you to waste any time feeling angst about whatever test they are currently performing.
Setting up your own stand alone and promoting that until the cows come home would in my opinion serve your time much better than fleeing to a site that promises you one thing but at the end of the day if they ever become successful will sell-out.
They were already shopping to sell-out before anyone wanted to commit to a real investment.
Unless you know of a proven venue other than your own stand alone to run to..... don't waste your time putting eggs in other baskets.
At this point in my life I don't have a lot of time to waste.... and although the friendships and relationships I made with people I met at Zibbet were worthwhile....
I would still say if you are looking in the long run to find a permanent place to land
Pasadena on Zibbet.
Just my opinion
and at the same time found a lot of fabulous peeps in my time there so I will always wish all those trying to sell something there the best!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend and peace ya'll!


  1. I'm like that, too! I sell where SALES happen. I tried both artfire and zibbet as "extra baskets" and they were both a total waste of time and money.

    1. Hi Robin....
      hope you are enjoying a wonderful Holiday Weekend with lots of sales as well :=)