Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some bullies think they can control everything...but Joe can't keep the ice cream from melting

So here's just a little hypothetical story......

Joe owned an ice cream shop.
He really liked his ice cream shop
but turned out that he also liked 
to fool around with other things
on the side.
He had an affair with let's say
a lonely handmaiden
(just as an example)
Soon the news got out and people
started talking about Joe and what
he was doing. 
A lot of people stopped buying Joe's
ice cream and didn't want to have
anything to do with Joe anymore.
The word started spreading on social
media about what Joe and his handmaiden
had been up to behind closed doors.
People started feeling that they 
could not really trust Joe any longer
and were talking about it.
A lot more hash tagging his
business and well quite frankly 
Joe was very lucky that there were
no Yelp reviews so far about
all of his shenanigans.
And the people started joining
and reconnecting.....
Asking a lot of questions 
and even former enemies
realized that they were
actually friends once again
because even though they
didn't want to believe all of 
those rumors they had heard...
they were simply
tired of what Joe 
was telling them.
And Joe lost a lot of business because of it
and the lonely handmaiden also lost her JOE-job.

The handmaiden became very upset.
She started threatening people about how they
had interfered with her business and she 
came out of hiding and tried to
bully them to stop talking about the truth.
But in a land where free speech , screen shots , and
especially "Google cache" is king.
It seems like no matter what Joe and the handmaiden
are saying now will make much of a difference.
There is no law against telling the truth.
But we all know that
Sometimes bullies get a little carried away
with themselves. 
They get so used to controlling everything
that they lose sight of the fact when they have
already crossed the line and are in reality
the ones
who should stop doing what they are doing.
Or at least stop being so public about it.
They should crawl back into their hidey hole.
where they have much more control over
telling everyone else what to do.
And the last time we looked
means exactly what the
Websters' Dictionary says it does.
hide 1  (hīd)
v. hid (hĭd)hid·den (hĭd′n) or hidhid·inghides
1. To put or keep out of sight; secrete.
2. To prevent the disclosure or recognition of; conceal: tried to hide the facts.
3. To cut off from sight; cover up: Clouds hid the stars.
4. To avert (one's gaze), especially in shame or grief.
1. To keep oneself out of sight.
2. To seek refuge.

In the meantime.....
Joe's ice cream continues to melt.
My what a slippery slope this fairy tale has become
And rather sticky at this point as well.
Hypothetically speaking of course.
Fabulous Friday ahead shout out ya'll :=)

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