Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just a few thoughts About the Zibbet "NEW" Plans To Submit to the Find

Honestly..... I just don't see how a lot of this stuff keeps evolving into you just couldn't make this up even if you tried. 
I will be the 1st to admit that these days my memory is a bit fuzzy every now and then LOL!  But I do know this.
No matter how much that the Zibbet hub has been purged and cleansed (and whatever it was that they did over there when Andy got that red rag in his bones).....
There are still those of us who have been there more than a minute......
yep...they forgot about the fact that
most out here in cyberspace will recall the fact about how Zibbet was once promising "Premium sellers" that they would be submitted to "The Find".
Then they got called out on the fact that they were not submitting to the Find.  
Then after getting caught at not doing what they promised they were doing for their Premium sellers..... the Ceo speak was that they stopped doing it because the Find simply was not pertinent nor worthwhile for submission to being "FOUND" on-line.  They said that was why they stopped doing it and yet somehow forgot to remove that from their check-list of premium member paying "PERKS"-------
Yep that was kind of how they brushed off that whole deal of not submitting Zibbet Premium seller's items to "The FIND".
Okay.... so consider me STUMPED
I mean 
as to why the heck would this statement now be posted regarding the "NEW" (still elusive) REBUILD....

2. We have plans to submit a feed to The Find, however Google Product Search still needs to be validated as a worthwhile source of traffic (that converts into sales). Of course, submission to the normal Google search engine (and other search engines) will happen. We have also improved your on-page SEO for your items, which we expect to increase your search engine rankings over time.

The CEO.....ACTUALLY said this awhile back.....

The Find doesn't send a huge amount of traffic to Zibbet for the items that are indexed there, so we deemed it low priority.

Okay.... so are they now saying that they think that "The Find" is once again important and that is in their PLANS....but that GOOGLE submission needs to be validated as WORTHWHILE??????

Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
But I don't talk out of both sides of my mouth 
or selectively hear things
and I do try to remember things that
have already been said.
Thank goodness for that
cached kind of stuff.
Google has certainly proved 
very valid on getting those things
in the correct perspective.

and as far as the statement that they have quote

"improved your on-page SEO for your items, which we expect to increase your search engine rankings over time."

Time will tell and sales
will be the bottom line
factor there. 
Which should equate into
Sales for sellers item's
on Zibbet....
(not MORE
sales for the CEO's selling
Premium accounts there.)
Best of luck to all sellers
who still have a shop there. :)

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