Sunday, July 6, 2014

The #Zibbet Hackers and Hustlers and Beaconmakers whilst in the middle of a Beta Rebuild/relaunch

I thought it might be a good update to say that word on the street is that Zibbet  "Says" it has finally went into Beta testing with the relaunch/rebuild that has been promised for years.
Reports have it that there are 4-5 sellers and ones who have tried for years to sell something there -- doing the Beta testing.
Bottom line so far looks like less than 5 people "reporting in" on the "testing"
And kind of WTH moment for most out here in cyberspace who still care to look.

A site that Jonathan has stated this.....


Jonathan Peacock

Jonathan (Jono) is the CEO of WooBoard, a Pollenizer portfolio company.
In his last year of uni, he launched and sold an ecommerce site, which had gross revenue of $0.5M in it\'s first year.
He has also founded Zibbet, an online marketplace with over 40,000 members, and counting.

According to Jono
40,000 members and counting and only a measly 5 Beta Testers for this most anticipated Rebuild????

But yah   
you just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried.

Here's a bit of a flash back from the Zibbet forums before they put it on "Lock-down" and made it "members Only" so to speak.--------------------------------

Jonathan sent out this Newsletter-----------------and said things like this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


At the end of last year Zibbet grew significantly and the additional revenue allowed us to bring Pavel on fulltime and an additional fulltime senior engineer (John). We are now full steam ahead and we're currently estimating a launch anywhere between April and June. This is still an estimate and there are no guarantees. We will be able to provide you with progress updates as we go to see how we're tracking towards this timeline


On the left is Pavel. As mentioned he first joined the team part-time and is now fulltime! He's a senior Ruby on Rails engineer and specializes in the 'back-end' work. Essentially the stuff that you don't see, but that makes it all work.

In between Andrew and I is John. John is also a senior Ruby on Rails engineer and specializes in the 'front-end' work. This is the visual interactions that you see on a website.

Both of these guys are extremely talented and we're so lucky to have them on the Zibbet team!!

John speak^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Okay.... so flash forward a bit and look at this "Hacker Lab " interview where the same John is introduced as being from  "Beaconmaker".

Of course there is nothing at all wrong with wearing many hats....and working several jobs.....
but would any of those still investing in Zibbet Premium accounts (or considering to perhaps invest in one....)
stop and think for just one second.....
why should your money that you give to Zibbet be used to employ full time employees at other start ups that Jonathan is involved with? He said they hired a full time senior engineer...on your Zibbet dime...
but it looks like the senior engineer is actually full dimed at "Beaconmaker"
Now.... if ((((and this is a big "key phrase" if ))))
dear Zibbet wanna be/try to be/seller have had your needs met and the full time employee paid for from the Zibbet coffers has in fact already gone above and beyond the task at hand that he was hired for full time with your Zibbet premium account $ that you forked over in good faith...
heck yah.... no worries that they should spend their spare time doing something else besides being direct quote from Jono here " fulltime senior engineer (John)"....

but hey....they haven't even gotten the rebuild launched yet
and this does not surprise anyone out here who has followed any of the links or connected a few of the dots.
And for those who insist on calling themselves "dingbats" over and over and over.....
I get it
you own it and are proud of being a dingbat
no worries....
ding bats and dingos from down under kind of go hand in hand I suppose.
do any of you self proclaimed "ding-bats" still left in the Zibbet Hub remember the post where Pastor Andy said that he and Jonathan had not taken any money from the venue? 
Well one might need to look into this

and wonder what this statement is all about...
where Jonathan states "I am a huge fan of what growth hacking engenders and have personally used a growth hacker mindset to grow my own startup, Zibbet, into a $20K+ MRR (monthly recurring revenue) company."

Do you see the part where he says 20K plus monthly recurring revenue?
Handmaidens of the Zibbet Hub.....
let's look at this for one second......
come on.......
it does not take a rocket scientist and even the most humongous ding bat in history could clearly see that
#A----- someone is clearly making $ while you are promoting the premium shops but not selling much at all
or #B
Jonathan is simply making up more stories and telling people what he thinks they want him to say.

I still say that if they could have been upfront and honest.  Would have made all the difference in the world.
But let's face it.....
they haven't been honest.
In fact they have been rather sneaky about not being honest.
And the further you look into it.........
it makes some just want to stop looking.

cheers to the 4/5 beta testers on the "New Zibbet" venue
and best wishes to any one who is still trying to sell there.

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