Saturday, May 14, 2011

Am I A Vintage Hoarder? LOL!

Okay... I guess I can joke about it..but sometimes I really ask myself if I am a vintage hoarder?  My goal in the past few years is to share my things that I have aquired through-out the years and to pass them on to others (who will hopefully like them as much as I did)...but I just have a hard time "giving the stuff away" on eBay now..:(..and have been bummed out about the ones who get great deals and then whine or try to create drama if they also sell vintage on the site)
I often tell myself that I am better off just keeping most of it in containers and when I am kids - grandkids etc. can do what they may with it....I want to share...I just want to share with people who love vintage I guess heh-heh..and if I don't get that just makes me want to keep it all packed away!
Tons  of the things I have like this necklace that I just listed on Zibbet...

Plastic lavender purple vintage beads old necklace from Spanky Luvs Vintage.

This beautiful necklace is 15" long and in good vintage condition. I have been saving it to dismantle the piece and re-create something else but I just can't quite do it I am offering it here :)

YET..I find myself more often than not these days  dismantling excellent good vintage pieces and making "newer" things out of them because I do not wish to give them away .... and if I can't bring myself to dismantle them...I put them back in the containers...LOL!!! yes I guess I really am a vintage hoarder!

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