Monday, May 9, 2011

My Big Bro In The Little Luv Bug

Okay so my older bro D.W. is the typical example of the "mid-life crisis" scenario :) But he seems really happy now and I am happy for him.  During the day..he rolls around in a gas guzzling Hummer and a big Ford truck .
So his girlfriend Stacy had always wanted a convertable VW.....and he bought her one on eBay..... this weekend they brought it out to the family barbeque.  I'm telling ya it was soooo funny to see him driving this little car! I really got a kick out of it . When they were leaving I was like "Wait I've got to come and get a picture of you 2 in the Bug!" Stacy says "Okay but let me get my scarf on." And of course I told her "If you're in the Bug've  got to flash the Peace Sign."  I am glad they are having fun :)

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