Friday, May 6, 2011

Etsy is Rolling out a New version of the listing process? Seriously????

Okay so here is the thread and I am like again thinking
"Things that make you go WOW" ???

This was my reply to this "wonderful new change that Etsy is Rolling-out"...GEEE---can you tell I was simply not on the band wagon? LOL---

Aw ...I would first expect this site to fix the problems that allow re-sellers and non-hand made and non-vintage items to be featured on the front page before tweaking the listing process...

I would also secondly..

Know ---that just because someone says it is so----only opens up the door for more mis-respresentation----(the non-honest people will gladly fill in the blanks about the era --lol!)

My expectations are that Etsy would clean up the site and take action on the flaggings BEFORE implementing any new FEATURES that in my opinion just adds to the clutter of things they haven't already fixed---

For example----

Let's see---sooo many buyers and sellers here FLAG items that totally violate the current TOU's--- but these same items are still HERE and indeed landing on the FRONT page---

Okay---- so who NOW will be here to Police the "era" and document what the vintage seller claims to be a fact?....

When the FACT is that sooo many items here already indeed fall into the "not" categories----

To me this is just adding more muck into the mess---

First and Foremost....


clean up the CURRENT listings---

Then tweak and change whatever can make the site better....

JMO :) .......

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  1. Hooray! I agree 100% plus if that is possible...thanks for posting this in "the" forum thread and here on your blog ♥