Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scary Clowns SKEERED of Clowns Afraid of big red noses....

I really love tweaking old images and things and making something new out of them :)!!!
This is my latest listing on Etsy...

Scary clowns afraid of clowns Oh Why Am I so SKEERED altered vintage image print from Spanky Luvs Vintage.

“Laugh, clown, laugh. This is what I tell myself whenever I dress up like Bozo.”
Jack Handy quotes

This is a 4" X 6" glossy print
of a vintage image that I tweaked
and added more to
( The Spanky Luvs Vintage watermark will not be on your photo)

Each print will be signed and dated on the back

Bring on the clowns LOL!

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