Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Wally World Situation

I have definitely been around the block a time or two heh-heh but the story I have to share today seriously blew me away.  I mean...I know that people will come up with just about anything to rip other people off but I just couldn't imagine how someone had the nerve to actually pull this one off............................... last Friday my printer at one of my work locations took a dump and wonkered out on me.  I only purchased this one about 6 months ago....and it was kind of buggy after the first few days of using it so I guess I just kind of got ahold of a lemon fax/printer on the last purchase. 
anyhoooo...the printer seemed to me like it had jumped the timing mechanism or had broken one of the plastic gears that pulls the paper through.  At first it was just making an irritating noise and then it got to the point where it sounded like a machine gun exploding and you literally wanted to hit the ground every time you heard it if you weren't expecting the noise. So yes that night after hubby and I had dinner nearby..we headed into Wally World to get another fax/printer.
And honestly...I don't even use the machine that much at work.  These youngsters and their smart phones can scan and send pics with a much better resolution than "copying" it out of one of the catalogs....and so many transactions are done through e-mail that faxing isn't used all that often.  But I do have some "hard copies" that have to be signed and faxed on the financing programs .  I guess the point I am seemingly rambling on about here is that a high dollar printer is not needed at my work.  I actually use a much nicer laser one at home for crafting yada yada. we find a printer that was on  Epson 545 series....and it looked to be just fine and dandy to serve my needs.  So there was only one of these puppies left on the shelf...but the box looked good.  When we checked out in the "self check-out lane"  I was going to pay for it separately on the business card...but told hubby "No it's quicker just to ring it up and I'll pay cash for everything and re-imburse later."  Easy peasy-in it right?
Flash forward to the next day at work I go to take the thing out of the box and have a bear of a time with it.  Jose my helper comes over to the desk to help and we are struggling like two chickens with our heads cut off and I'm all "Jesus Crimeny could they have packed this in there any tighter???"   Finally I tell Jose to heck with it...we'll just have to rip the box but to be sure and save it in case the thing doesn't work. 
So I am hooking it up and get to about step #7 which is installing the ink cartridges.  I look and look and then give it one more look inside of the box.  Have you ever done that?  Knowing something wasn't there when you originally looked but for some reason you look one more time because maybe the "replacement Fairy" might have bounced in and put it where it belongs
So isn't there.  And at this point I'm telling myself...."Just my luck I pick a machine that doesn't have the ink".   Then I really take a look at the machine because I am thinking maybe there is some sort of hidden compartment where the ink might be stashed.  Then I notice that the machine says "600" where it is supposed to say "545".  This model in front of me looks very similiar to the 545 series on the box---- but has a few differences. Then I walk around to the back again to read the serial # to see if it matches the serial # on my receipt and I notice a little dust in the cracks.  And this point I KNOW why the dad gum machine was so hard to get out of the box.....
Gee....someone purchased a 545 and then kept the 545 and put an old 600 series back in that box and took it back to Wally World and got themselves a nice little refund.
So I call customer service and after getting disconnected not once but twice LOL!  I send hubby back for a refund and they gave him quite a bit of a hassle of course seeing how it was a cash refund and an exchange could not be made because they had no more of these on their shelf at the time :)....but they ended up putting one on hold at another location....and this time he made the clerk open up the box (which she didn't want to do until he explained what had happened).  So I finally got the right machine and hooked it up and it works just fine :)
But the part about this that really slayed in the world does someone actually have the nerve to walk into a store and ask for a refund on a different item inside of the box and what do they THEN say if it is indeed discovered?
Maybe it was an inside job where the person who did this was in cahoots with the Wally world employee who gave them the refund .  I also can't believe that a store of this size does not check items over especially electronic items before placing them back on the shelf.
What's up with that Wally World?????

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