Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Best Giggle in Ages..thank you Muffin I really think Momma might have sent that 2 me LOL!

So yesterday the hot tub that I had ordered on-line arrived.....a Plug and Play Life Smart model that is advertised as "Smart for you....Smart for the planet".  
So yes my deal is I'm stubborn, I'm not all fancy smanchy.....I never wanted or needed any of so many of these sort of things that others consider necessities ...but I finally broke down and bought a hot tub....the docs have been telling me for years that it would be a great way to help relax my sore muscles and bones.....
And yah I have family that I can hop into one of those at any time (if I want to "borrow one")......but I am not an imposer on others...never have been never will be..... I am just wanting to say here that if anyone has been holding out on purchasing one of these things when you actually could benefit from them because of medical issues alone......Go For IT......this is the one I bought and I honestly think it has been one of my best purchases in about the past 5 years :)
I love it!  Seriously so relaxed right now and in my own Zen LOL!
But I have to also share one of my biggest laughs that I have had in the longest time!
If you know me or have read any of my "dog" pretty much know that me and hubster spoil our dogs and put them before ourselves a lot of times.  My Brownie Boy....he always wants to do everything with me.....he cries to get into the tanning bed with me....when I get out of the shower he is right there wagging his tail....when I am watering my lawn and my garden he is always trying to climb up my legs if I put him down because I simply need 2 hands---- but I "remedied" that issue after Chloe outgrew her baby carrier LOL! ...I carry him in Chloe's outgrown  "baby sling" and he is the happiest little camper in the doggy den......he looks around and makes sure that all of the other dogs know that he is with momma getting the most attention.....
I honestly can't bear to think what it would be like to lose this little devoted fan of mine.....he seriously is at my side or in my arms...almost every minute that I am at home :)  And yah....maybe I am one of those "Crazy dog ladies" LOL!....but I like to think that I am at one with my animals....I understand how much our animals love us and appreciate us...I can feel that every day....and I just try to reciprocate all of the joy they have brought into my life...we understand each other most of the time :) and a friend of mine who has a shop on Zibbet....perfectly called "Angels without wings".  To me that describes our doggies to a tee :)
So Brownie....yes...he first jumped up on the steps and dove into the hot tub before I could stop was practically before I even got set down inside of the thing...but once he was in....even tho the water temp was not that high yet...he wanted out and was content to simply sit on the outside wood benches that we placed surrounding it and of course he stayed there the whole time I was in there :)
My laugh of the night was my Momma's little precious "Muffin"....we are baby-sitting these dogs once again this summer cuz' dad is in Trinidad once again fishing away :)
My mom used to say that Muffin could understand what she was saying....she would sometimes get really mad at pops cuz he would tell her that little dogs don't have big brains.
And I have to admit here....Muffin and Cookie...bring me lots of smiles.....but they also make me think so much about my Momma that I still miss so much every day of my life.....
I am not sure when this goes away and if it ever does....but there is still such a sadness deep in my heart...that sometimes...even all of my smiles seem a bit "fake". 
And yet..when Muffin gives me "kisses" it really makes my heart sing....cuz I know this is my Momma's puppy....that she loved so much....and it's like still having a living part of her still here with me:)
So Muffin....she's a crazy little thang......sometimes Timid and other times fiercer than the mightiest dogs I have ever come into contact can see "daylight" thru her tiny little chicken legs....and I worry often that she might get hurt because her "boldness" is so much bigger than her size :)
hubby and I are relaxing.....
the steps to the hot-tub are 2 feet below the top of the tub
all of a sudden over the top of my head at least 2 feet into the air
here comes the Mighty Muffin FLYING over the top of my shoulders......
she makes what I would judge about a 9.9 landing......swims and kicks over to hubby....then makes a perfect turn in the water and swims back to me and then jumps out of the hot tub.
I was seriously laughing SOOOO HARD I had tears of JOY in my eyes.....has Muffin been watching the Olympics with us recently?
This gosh darn dog is crazy fearless and truly represents the spirit of my Momma.   I sent a high 5 up to heaven tonight.....thanks Momma for the laugh.....I can't help but feel that you were somehow behind it :)

Here's my Hollah to your little  miss "MUFF the TUFF" tonight Momma :)

Linda Darlene Hood

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