Saturday, August 18, 2012

Only one of the reasons I still love doing the on line thing Most Of The TIME

Vintage Coral Branch two strand Necklace

I just wanted to share here one of my most recent Etsy experiences.....a while back I had worn one of my favorite vintage coral necklaces of all of my orange necklaces.....and I received several compliments on it through out the day at work.... but when I got back home and started to put it back in the bag and back into the drawer it had been in....
I realized that it had been over 2 years since I had previously worn this necklace.  So I decided to list it on Etsy and I was willing to part with it for a reasonable price.....
and the Etsy seller who saw the necklace and had me hold it on reserve for her....was another lovely Etsian who has crossed my path.....
The necklace went to Florida and she has since received it and told me how much she loves it :)
Long story short...I know that this piece that I have loved for many years fell into the hands of someone who will now take good care of it and continue to pass it on 
Thank you once again to the hand made and vintage venues that I am a part of.....
Sharing moments like these are moments that really make me smile and let me know that I am doing the best that I possibly can :) And knowing that another actual seller on this particular venue appreciates the fact that I was there to sell them something that they now love???
The reason why I am still there hollah!

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