Monday, August 27, 2012

About fudge filled doughnuts and treadmills...

So it seems like my summer so far has been one doctors' appointment or procedure after another on each of my days off from work.  A follow up, a consultation, another procedure yada yada.  I was joking with one of my on-line buddies the other day and told her that after everything is done I'm going to be such a fine tuned puppy that I won't know what to do with myself :)
The weird thing about the whole deal for me is that my health insurance company purchased a large facility next to the hospital where you have all of the procedures at.  This is the same hospital where my momma died.  So every time I pull up there I have that thought in my head. "This is where momma died."  And yah...right up on the 2nd floor babies are born on a daily basis and most people go in through that revolving door and end up rolling out of there but we didn't get to take momma home from there and I'm not really sure how long that thought is going to be in my head every time I am near that hospital.  I myself have had a few procedures in there since momma passed away and obviously I made it out of those revolving doors each time :)  I think I need to be there when someone I know has a baby.  Then it might change to this thought process of "So and so was born here".  Until then it's just this eery creepy feeling every time I see the place.
So I have a family member who has recently gotten on this huge "health kick" and I say more power to them.  Good for them.  But it has reached a point where it is getting to seem a little obsessive .  They say things like "I want all of my family members to live long healthy lives with me."  And I get the healthy part..sincerely I do.  I believe that staying active and living a healthy lifestyle certainly improves your quality of life.  At the same time I also feel that mental health and feeling good about yourself and liking yourself have nothing to do with physical attributes.  No plastic surgery or work out regimen in the world will ever be the cure for people who do not like themselves or who are constantly insecure about themselves or are constantly looking for that happiness that they just can't seem to find. I believe that happiness comes from the inside not from what you have to offer on the outside.  But that's just how I feel.  And the way I feel certainly does not apply to everyone :)
And here's the deal.  Healthy beautiful people die every minute of every day.  Why?  Well..I would have to believe this is because it is in Gods' hands.  He will take you when your time is up. Staying healthy and making healthy life choices will definitely offer you a better quality of life while you are here.....but this alone is not your "Ticket to longevity".....when it's your time to doesn't matter if you're walking to the fridge to grab another fudge filled doughnut or if you're walking into the door of the gym.  When your time is up here your time is up. Let's try and make the most of it shall we ?   And that's just the way I see it. 
Hope ya'll are having a great week so far. :)

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